SEO is always changing, and for the last few years, focus has been on creating interesting, relevant, value-adding content on a niche-related subject. Long gone are the days when search results were only about keyword optimization; the optimization standards have drastically changed. Checkout these 3 Tips to Create Evergreen Contents for your Audience, in short its Timeless Content.

Google’s most recent algorithm updates are focused on gearing search results to be more relevant to the new methods users search with. As such, businesses must embrace quality content creation as the most effective way to stay on top in an ever-changing SEO climate. This article provides a few tips to help you create more useful content for your readers:

1. Audience:

An intimate knowledge of your audience is mandatory, even before you start thinking about content ideas. Know who you’re targeting inside out: what they need, what they want, what they’re driven by, what their pain points are, what problems they want solutions to and what style of content would interest them.

3 Tips to Create Evergreen Content for Your Audience

To do this, eliminate the idea that your audience is an amorphous crowd of faceless humans – they’re real people. Connect with them through surveys, social media, email and other channels. Meaningfully engage with them and collect feedback to inform your strategy.

2. Keywords:

A key and collection of newspaper cuttings pinned together and composed to convey the idea of keywords collection. This monochrome image is taken through Canon 5D Mark II camera and EF 100mm f2.8 prime lens.

Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past, and pretty soon, generic keyword targeting will be too. In the past, there was a science to keyword insertion in articles – you knew only to have this many to be detected by search engine bots. However, keyword research and insertion today is an art. Algorithms can now recognize meaningless, manipulative keyword practices, because they can interpret synonyms and follow word order. Keywords can only be icing on already good content; never the backbone.

3. Content length:

Research has shown that in-depth, information-packed, educational articles bear more fruit than the short sweet copy that dominated the SEO industry a few years ago. Buyers and potential consumers today are more empowered and educated; they need their minds fed with all the details that are important to making an informed decision, which is why plump content sells better.

Embrace long-form content on your niche subjects whenever possible. Google favors content that is 2000-2500 words long, as do audience with social presence. Aim to regularly write long-form articles (at least 1500 words) answering important questions within your niche. However, length should not be substituted for quality and engagement; even when long, ensure you write content that keeps readers engaged.

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