How to Identify and Build Quality EDU links for your site

How to Identify and Build Quality EDU links for your site

Quality links for your site are important to improve and maintain high ranking positions on search engines, and as far as quality links go, edu links are the crème de la crème of authority link sources. Many seasoned SEO experts know just how hard it is to get this kind of link, and the exact impact these links have on a site. But if you don’t, then keep reading.

Why EDU Links are so Powerful:

There are many theories regarding this. Some say that Google considers .edu links valuable just because they are from .edu domains, but there isn’t any evidence to support this premise. In reality, edu back-links have the same power as any other high authority sites on the web. And .edu domains are considered high authority typically because they have been in existence for a long time, and they are also linked to by other high authority sites.

How to Identify and Build Quality EDU Links for Your Site

Finding EDU Linking Opportunities:

Before you embark on an edu link building strategy, the first step is to find relevant edu domains. This list will be different depending on the strategy you wish to employ, but first, you can compile a basic target site list and use a search modifier such as “” to give you a list of all possible domains. Use more modifiers (location for example) to get the best edu sites to target.

Bear in mind that, just like other link building strategies, you need to have your audience’s user’s needs in mind. Ensure the links are useful and relevant for them. Concentrate on the place where having links to your site makes sense and adds value to both your and their audience. This is how to end up with genuine, powerful edu links.

A Few EDU Link Building Techniques:

There are a number of strategies you can employ for edu back-link building. Remember that edu links are considered high authority because they are not just in the business of dishing out links; you need to demonstrate real value addition to their audiences to secure one of these coveted spots.


For starters, identify sites that have “Local Businesses” or “Local Resources” sections in the site, and ask if your business can be included. Another strategy is to find a section in the site that is relevant to the particular niche your business is in, and ask if your business can be included there.

Discounts and promotions:

You can also offer discounts, but do this carefully, since offering discounts to get links is a complete no-no. Inform a relevant party at the school, like the procurement or human resource department, that staff or faculty at the school are eligible to receive discounts in your business. The school will be happy to indicate this on their site to make it easier for their staff members to learn about the promotion and take advantage of it. Focus on contacting colleges within your locality, if you’re a local business.


You can also add value to the schools’ students by creating a scholarship program. Schools are very receptive to programs that add value to their students, and scholarships help make education more affordable and reachable for their students. Typically, there will be sections for external scholarships, where details about your scholarship programs can be posted.

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