Best HTML5 Frameworks for Mobile App Development

The rapid increase in mobile apps and apps for Android has accelerated the momentum of utilizing HTML5 frameworks. Additionally, the demand for user centric mobile apps has led to the development and the usage of a number of open source HTML5 frameworks to accomplish efficient mobile app development.

If you are one of the newbies entering in the mobile app designing, it is the best to go with HTML5 frameworks. It is very important for you to be familiar with pre-written codes and layouts that help in forming frameworks, the widgets, and more. With HTML5 frameworks, developers have the advantage of not starting the things from the scratch as they can take advantage of libraries, scripts, as well as other essential elements to create dynamic mobile apps.

Best HTML5 Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Here is a detailed description on some of the open source HTML5 frameworks for mobile app development:

1. Appcelerator Titanium:

Being an open source native app compiler, Appcelerator Titanium is favorite of many HTML5 mobile app developers. The good news about the usage of this framework is that the apps can be compiled as native apps. However, one limitation that comes with the framework is that the apps are displayed differently across different mobile devices. Appcelerator Titanium uses JavaScript, CSS3, Python, Ruby, as well as HTML5 to create Android or iOS based apps.

2. jQuery Mobile:

jQuery Mobile is an outstanding framework from jQuery that is based on HTML5. The framework has been programmed with HTML elements and therefore, it provides exceptional UI and is much simple to use. This framework helps in incorporating pre-designed layouts and widget elements as well. The best thing about jQuery Mobile is that it is both cross-platform & cross-device compatible.

3. Twitter Bootstrap 3:

Twitter Bootstrap 3 is among one of the best and the most popular UI frameworks that help developers create exceptional mobile applications. Being an advanced HTML, JavaScript, and CSS compliant framework, it helps the individuals efficiently develop the desired mobile app. As the source code of Twitter Bootstrap 3 incorporates Sass & LESS CSS preprocessors, it is built primarily to make front-end development an easy task for developers.

4. Framework7:

Framework7 comes free and it is an open source mobile HTML framework. It aids developers in the creation of web as well as hybrid mobile apps having iOS and Android look and feel. It is an important prototyping app that is essential to show working app prototype in case there is any such requirement with the developers. Framework7 is one of the finest and feature rich frameworks for developing iOS hybrid apps.

5. Junior:

Junior ideally deals when it comes to developing mobile applications that work like a native app and appear aesthetically for the users. Technically, Junior is a jQuery-based HTML5 framework. The framework is based on Zepto.js, which is integrated with Backbone. More to it, Junior utilizes Ratchet CSS for providing exceptional UI components. The framework is exceptional, lightweight, yet powerful at the same time. More to it, it is used for prototyping iPhone apps with unique JavaScript components.

6. ChocolateChip-UI:

This open source framework is used for creating web based mobile apps that have native look of iOS 7, Windows, and Android. ChocolateChip-UI offers powerful and easy to customize view for the back-end. The users just need to input the results in the ChocolateChip-UI as things will automatically render beautifully. The framework combines simple tags to define the structure that are useful for developing mobile applications. With the same, ChocolateChip-UI provides exceptional functionality.

7. Ionic Framework:

As an open source framework, Ionic framework has been made available from Ionic. The open source framework includes a library that offers mobile optimized JS components, CSS, as well as HTML to help developers build interactive applications. Ionic Framework has a set of tools that is essential for developers to accomplish the development of hybrid mobile apps. The fact that this framework has been built with CSS extension and optimized for AngularJS helps in including the interactivity into the apps that have been developed by utilizing Ionic Framework.

8. is a high performance JavaScript library for animation as well as interfaces. Being one of the efficient HTML5 frameworks, provides users the access to DOM, 3D physics, and WebGl. The framework is one favorite of developers as it is an open source platform and helps in the development of smooth to complex mobile apps. Used ideally for hybrid mobile development, the framework also aids the developers in creating desktop web applications. The framework can prove to be an exceptional choice for developers if there is a concern for designing UI apps.

9. Sencha Touch:

Sencha Touch is also an open source HTML5 mobile framework that is available to download for free from Sencha. Being a powerful framework, Sencha Touch is an ideal HTML5 based tool to be utilized for developing apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and many more. The fact that the framework is built on HTML5 technology helps the developers take advantage of the powerful HTML5 in the apps that are being developed.

10. Lungo:

Lungo is one among the oldest HTML5 mobile app development fields. It came as one of the most powerful frameworks when there was no such option of any similar HTML5 framework. Lungo is much similar to jQuery Mobile in structure wherein HTML serves as driving point and CSS/JavaScript is used to enhance the same. The framework is one among several other frameworks that is easy to learn as well as implement the same.

In Closing:

All the frameworks listed here are just great when it comes to utilizing any one of them for mobile app development. However, the choice of the frameworks can be streamlined depending upon the needs and the requirement of the project.

Thus, depending upon the goal for app creation, frameworks can be utilized. Moreover, it is imperative to make your choice exceptional one for providing a great UI. After choosing the related frameworks and working with the same, never forget to test the created app.

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