Quick Guide for Setting up WordPress Classified Themes

Quick Guide for Setting up WordPress Classified Themes

With more than 20% of the online websites using it, WordPress is one of the most used content management systems in the world. Its gain in popularity is not just because of its user-friendliness but also because of its many resources. All things considered, this is probably one of the best platforms you can use to setup a WordPress classified themes.

Classified websites are a great source of income when used the right way in marketing. While creating a functional classified site from scratch calls for extensive programming knowledge as well as a lot of time, the availability of classified themes helps eliminate these challenges. There are numerous themes and plugins available to help set up your classified website easily by simply turning your normal WordPress site into a functional classified website. All you need is the knowledge on the working of WordPress.

This post is a simple guide to help you setup and select the best classified themes and plugins.

Setting up WordPress:

The first step is to setup your WordPress account. Download and install WordPress. WordPress is free and will serve as the basic framework for your classified website. Make sure you install WordPress properly else you will deal with problems later on in the project.

Choosing Classified Themes:

Choosing classified themes

There are innumerable paid and free WordPress classified themes you can choose from to convert your normal website into a fully functional classified website. The important thing is to select a stable theme that comes with the most features. Usually, going for the premium themes is advised because the option will help get continue support for your website.

Choosing the right theme the first time round is critical because you cannot easily switch between themes once your classified website is up and running.

There are many benefits that come with the use of classified themes among them ease of set up and flexibility. Most times, all that is required to use the classified themes is to download and install the theme then fine-tune the basic configuration settings to achieve your goals. Anyone with a basic knowledge of WordPress can install these themes and fine-tune them to create a unique and functional website.

Classified Plugins:

Classified plugins

If your goal is to add a classified section on an existing blog or website, you will need the classified plugins. You can either use a plugin alone or use it with combination with the classified themes. Depending on what you wish to achieve, it is possible to transform your website with just a plugin. The plugins will not alter your website’s layout and will help you modify and update both of your website’s sections independently.

When searching for the best theme for your classified website, you will be spoil for choice. The themes and plugins also come with numerous add-ons that integrate additional functionalities into your website such as security modules and member login.

All things considered, make sure you select a theme/plugin that is unique to your needs. If the concept of creating a classified website is new to you, do not hesitate to bring in a professional.

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