Tips for Creating a Restaurant Website

Creating a Restaurant Website

If you are a restaurateur, then you appreciate this is one of the toughest albeit most exciting service industries to invest in. With increasing competition and a more conscious target market, your restaurant has to stand out in order to attract more guests. It is a tough world out there but with online marketing, it is getting more interesting for the daring restaurateurs. The online platform provides you with an opportunity to enlarge your customer base while also enhancing the customer experience at your facility. In this post, you will get invaluable tips on how to create a professional restaurant website. Here you go.

Well, everyone appreciates the importance of a professionally designed website but surprisingly, most restaurateurs are still lagging behind in embracing this technology. Indeed, restaurant websites are renowned for their outdated designs, poor maneuverability and frustrating user experience. If you are looking to earn a competitive edge in your niche, it is time to up your game by taking advantage of the wix website builder for building your website on your own.

This is one of the most established platforms with a focus on providing small businesses with professional looking websites and templates. The cloud-based web company has built a global imprint since founding in 2006. It provides innovative tools for everyone to create a world-class website platform for their own restaurant. With over 85 million users worldwide, the web builder has created a reputation for 100% customer satisfaction and personalized services to suit unique business needs.

As an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, it is important to learn the basics of creating an impressive website that will attract more traffic while also reducing the bounce rates. With more traffic, you will enjoy higher ranking on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). This will in turn translate to improved sales conversion which is the dream of every investor.

In this post, you will get invaluable tips on how to create a professional restaurant website. Here you go.

1. Determine Your Site Goal:

Every marketing tool has an objective behind it. If you are printing t-shirts for your business, your goal will most likely be branding. This also applies to your website; there must be an objective that is driving you to launch the website. As a restaurant, you might be interested in letting people know your location, what to order from you, or where to call you for more details or even look at the delicacies you are offering.  When coming up with your design, content, gallery and every other feature on the website, make sure you are inviting the visitor to carry out the action you have in mind. This call to action is also important when evaluating the success of your website.

2. Learn Your Target Audience:

Learn Your Target Audience

The target market in the restaurant business is as diverse as the range of delicacies you have to offer. Consider who would come to your website or in this case, your target foot traffic. If your establishment is located near a business facility, you will be targeting executives while a facility located near a college will definitely attract students.  Once you have identified the target audience, learn their preferences and lifestyles. These traits will help you choose a web design that is compatible with the target audience. While students might enjoy flashy designs, the executives will love an elegant and professional site design. With wix, you can find any template you’d need for each and every audience.

3. Build a Site Map:

Build a Site Map

You have to remember that building your website is quite similar to building a home. You can’t start without a plan of what you are going to include on your page. Crucial pages that must appear on the site map include ‘homepage’, ‘about’, ‘services’, ‘gallery’, ‘menu page’, ‘testimonials’ and ‘contact us’.  Each page is crucial and visitors will be drawn to the specific pages because they need quick information.

4. Go Big on Photography:

This goes without saying; when building a website for your restaurant, leverage the power of visuals. People love good food and how else do you invite them to your call to action if not by showing your best delicacies. You can hire a professional photographer to get outstanding shots of your top delicacies and ambient atmosphere.

With Wix, you will find a large base of Stock Images, so you can use them in your websites. This will really boast prerequisite equipment and expertise to bring your meals to life. Ugly food shots will instantly turn off your visitors and you can bet they won’t be ordering a takeout or even coming near your establishment. But if you show your visitors stunning and delicious pictures of the food you offer in your restaurant, people will be showing up and excited to eat at your establishment.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The success of your website is pegged on high ranking on search engines.  If your business is not ranking on the first page of SERPs for your targeted keyword, then you are as good as non-existent. SEO starts right from building an easily navigable design. Your designer will also assist in keyword research, headings, Meta data and tags and of course leveraging Google Analytics. Your content needs to be updated regularly and site maintenance should be an ongoing process to eliminate any technical glitches.

There is much more that you need to know in order to build a highly effective website for your hotel. is well poised to provide you with the tools including fantastic templates, tips, apps, domains among others features that will help your business stand out online.

In this video you can learn the 11 steps of how to make a website easily. Check it out below:

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