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PHP is one of most popular and powerful scripting language that covers the Web Development sphere with a dominant share of 80%. Almost all the website today based on the PHP code due to their flexibility in creating small-scale static sites as well as large scale enterprise websites.

PHP Frameworks:

Use PHP with Laravel to Create Best Advanced Applications

The modern web development needs are a well-organized and quick development, a code that is reusable and easy to maintain while ensuring the performance factor. One of the best solutions to this is a Framework. PHP frameworks make development more productive.

While every PHP Framework has their standout feature – Symphony provides modular designing, Zend performs amazingly to the large projects, codeignitor focus on performance than features, Laravel is a framework that delivers ahead of its time, and has opened new prospects for web development. Over the past years, it has become the most popular PHP framework and is now the most reliable platform.

The PHP Framework for Web Artisans-Laravel:

Laravel is an Open Source based PHP Framework, which is designed to ease and speed up the development process. The one attribute that sets it apart from others is its syntax-expressive and elegant. The platform ecosystem is growing rapidly with vibrant developer community support and provides tons of tutorials and helpful resources for anyone to get started quickly.

Below are listed Laravel’s excellent features that make its rapid application development possible with ease –

  • MVC Architecture
    Laravel follows the MVC Model View Controller Architecture and maintains clarity between the login and the presentation. Using MVC Architecture developers can write neat and legible codes, which in turns lead to better documentation.
  • Modularity
    The framework is built on over 20 libraries and is also divided into different segments. It supports the modern web needs, which enable developers to create responsive, modular, and efficient web applications.
  • Template Engine
    has light-weight template engine called “Blade,” which can be used to build simple yet powerful applications. It provides solidly structured widgets of JS and CSS codes.
  • Testing
    Laravel provides secure testing methodologies; it provides assistance with which you can expressively test the applications-route according to your test path, can crawl the HTML outcome, and observe that the functions are working well.
  • Routing
    Routing follows very flexible and straightforward approach. Laravel gives a lot of flexibility when you define the paths of your application. With built-in tools, you can quickly streamline routing and other tasks.
  • Configuration Management
    Laravel automatically adjusts the configuration setting for each environment – which you can define individually for the local development as well as for the production server. The Configuration Management decreases the chances of error when the application runs in a different environment.
  • Query Builder
    The Database Query Builder is a fluent and optimal interface which works with all supported database. You can perform almost all the database operations on this convenient interface.
  • Artisan Console
    Artisan is a Command Line Interface for Laravel. Driven by powerful Symfony Console component, it provides many helpful commands to help you on development.


Laravel among all the frameworks dominates all the PHP frameworks with the features that are built to facilitate advance web development. More and more web developers are switching to Laravel, due its trustworthiness. Laravel with its convenient and quick web development process has opened new prospects for the developers.

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  1. I never heard about laravel framework. It seems to be good for advanced web development,shall look into it.Thanks.

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