Must-Have SEO Tactics for Businesses

At some point in the last decade, we hit a point where having a web presence is no longer just a little beneficial tip or trick to increase real-life traffic to your store or establishment – no, having a web presence is wholly necessary. Without a proper foothold on the Internet for your business, you’re missing out on a ridiculously large and growing market, regardless of where you operate, from Frankfurt to Mumbai. Lets find out must have SEO Tactics for your Business in shape of website to get more traffic and generate revenue.

Why? Well, it’s hard to pinpoint any one reason for the Internet’s sudden explosion in growth among consumers, although the most glaring would be the invention and proliferation of the smartphone. Let’s look at some facts – according to Statista, the number of smartphone users in the world has gone from about 1.57 billion in 2014, to over 2 billion this year, and a projected 2.9 billion in 2020.

Must-Have SEO Tactics for Businesses

On a relevant note, then, Statista shows that Internet usage has gone from roughly 1 billion users in 2005, to 3.5 billion this year. The point? People are increasingly using the Internet, and a very significant portion of them is browsing through a smartphone, which means they aren’t limited to being online on their desktop or at home on a laptop, but absolutely anywhere at any waking minute.

In short, the Internet is becoming an increasingly large part of people’s lives, especially in wealthy and middle class demographics where business blooms best. Getting on that, however, means making the most of SEO Tactics, or your website’s ability to be found on the Internet.

The Problem With SEO:

The Problem With SEO

The big problem with SEO is that it’s not simple. It’s not easy. And it requires a metric ton of legwork, or existing infrastructure and resources. It’s also expensive to facilitate in-house SEO Tactics, as quality SEO specialists demand a choice price.

That’s where the need for affordable SEO packages come into play, where companies like SEOTuners, equip you and your business with the basics – more than enough to put you ahead of the competition.

However, before you go ahead and choose a package from a provider of your choice, it’s important to determine first what accurately describes a full yet basic package.

The Absolute Barebones SEO Package:

The Absolute Barebones SEO Package

  1. Get a Blog. Nothing is as simple and beneficial as turning a static page into a dynamic website, with updated content and numerous links linking back to your content, and your company.
  1. Update Old Blog Posts. If you already have a blog, go over your old content and give it all a bit of an update, from adding new pictures to rewriting entire sections.
  1. Do Broken Link Building. As per Backlinko, this technique – while time-consuming – can get you some truly quality backlinks without having to pay for guest posts or anything else.
  1. Link to Relevant Sources. Another method to push your rankings up extremely easily and entirely for free is by association. Basically, Google ranks you highly for utilizing high quality sources of information.

It may just be four extremely simple tips, but these cost you practically no money, and build organic SEO through purely white-hat methods, with no downsides from Google. If they’re not enough, however, then you’ll have to work with a professional SEO service or avail of affordable SEO packages to bring your SEO to the next level.

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