Benefits of using codeignitor framework.

CodeIgniter is an open source rapid application development framework that is basically used by developers for making the dynamic website with PHP. Although some developers have pointed CodeIgniter, not as a perfect PHP web development alternative, as it is a PHP driven framework including the grab-bag of plug-ins, modules, libraries, and other allied resources to offer backup  for complicated PHP procedures and purposes. But despite all shortcomings, offers some typical benefits.


CodeIgniter is an open source framework, which is user-friendly, easy to accept and organize. As it is an open space framework, it is easier to configure. It is easier to do customization in accordance to personal discretion.

Benefits of Configuration:

CodeIgniter simplifies PHP coding quick, easy, and simple to use. It simplifies PHP syntax as well, and it is built on a linear and easy-to-use folder structure. Moreover, it allows its users to streamline the code essential important for building your web page.


Benefits of using Codeigniter Framework

The functionality of CodeIgniter is slightly different but it’s all on the positive side of the uses. For example:

  • It chains easy, trouble-free migration from server to server hosting
  • Developers can apply a fresh functionality that doesn’t disturb the customization
  • It offers agility and uncomplicated management with an MVC-based framework
  • Dynamic Record Employment is exceptional and cool to remember
  • It offers simple configuration as well as customization of configuration files
  • It eases stress-free working with diverse kinds of developers.

With the help of CodeIgniter, you can make synergistic, impulsive, collaborate, and skillful websites in no time.

Error Handling:

CodeIgniter offers simple user-friendly interfaces that help its users to identify error functions through the application worldwide. In this method of approach, it delivers instructions to an error-logging class that lets debugging messages to be saved as text files. It displays all PHP errors in r web application without missing meagerness.

Migration Facility:

Developers can implement database schema updates all over the web application fields effortlessly with assistances of the migration feature. Migration from one to another server is a hassle-free and user-friendly process in CodeIgniter.

These are some of the prime advantages of using CodeIgniter framework. However, the advantages of this framework can be utilized best if an expert and experienced web developer Like ULTIEMEZ TECHNOLOGY deal with the whole project.

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