Crucial Tips to Implement for Fast Website Loading Speed

Crucial tips to implement for fast website loading speed

Faster website loading speed is a critical factor for a website’s user-friendliness and it is a contributing influence for lead conversion. For obvious reason, website admins take special care for maintaining website loading speed.

A few proven tips are available that helps in enhancing website loading speed. Do you own a website? Check with your website developer if they have implemented these strategies’ for faster loading of thru site.

Crucial tips to implement for fast website loading speed

Optimizing Image Size and Format:

Images are integral part of websites and these images acquire lots of bandwidth which largely hamper website’s loading time. Down scaling images in HTML may not be enough; use of external picture editor can solve the problem to a large extent. Photoshop, Super GIF, Smush.It, Online image optimizer, JPEG & PNG Stripper are some of these tools which can offer great result.

Optimize Dependencies:

Optimization of dependency can improve the site loading speed, which actually depends on three factors. These are:

Dependency on plugins: Some plugins may increase loading time, so it important to be choosy.

Tracking scripts: plenty of tracking software may lengthen page loading time.

CMS software: regular update should be tracked but they should be loaded with discretion.

Optimizing Catching:

Optimization of catching helps in speed boosting of a website. If caching is done properly, browser can store resource files and save downloading time simply by retrieval. Besides faster downloading, bandwidth and hosting costs will get reduced.

Reducing HTTP Requests:

The trick of combining background images into a single image by using CSS background-image as well as background-position elements is a good idea and it works well in reducing loading time of a website.

Reducing Cookie Size:

Cookies are used for storing data that helps in-continuation of actions between requests. This data is used on every request and it adds to the load time. Hence, by reducing cookie size the page load time can be decreased. Elimination of redundant cookies or reducing the size may help in reducing the loading time of a website.

Value added actions which can be effective

There are some value added steps which can ensure Website Loading a bit Faster, these are:

  • Avoid best possible way to use render blocking scripts
  • It is better to avoid Redirects to reduce loading time.
  • Setting up G-Zip Encoding process to boost speed of webpage loading,
  • Avoid Inline JS and CSS files: placement of these files as external files can reduce loading time.

These are some of the proven tricks for implementation that can boost fast website loading speed. It has been proved that the website which takes time to load the page, is likely to lose the prospective customers hence it is advisable to fasten the loading speed of the website by following above tips.  The website page speed comes with the inception of the website thus the web designer and developer must ensure the coding is minified well and are using the optimized images. This could also be depending on the type of server you select for your website, ensure that you are consulting the web experts to avoid the hindrance of loading speed.

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