Leading Responsive Web Design Errors to Avoid

Globally we are currently witnessing exponential sales of smart phones and the population which used to surf the internet via laptops or desktops are now switching to their smartphones or Tablets. This gives them convenience and easiness to use the internet and one can use the internet from anywhere. We should be sure that the websites which we making should look equally attractive on a small screen of tablet or smart phones as it looks on the big screen of the laptop. Even the Google or other search engines give higher ranking to websites which have responsive web design enabled on them with respect to others which don’t have.

Web designers keeping these aspects in mind are increasingly using responsive web designs and currently almost all websites are coming with this feature. Though as mentioned below there are few issues with responsive web design and same should not be ignored and must be dealt with:

Leading Responsive Web Design Errors to Avoid

Using Separate Websites for Mobiles:

This should be definitely be avoided as this will make two separate websites for a single business and you may end up competing with not others but with yourself only in terms of rankings, hits etc. Though it will seem easy but it can have a negative effect on your business, so only single website must be used for all versions.

Focusing just on Small Screens:

Web designers focus on just small screens and forget that smart TVs are also increasingly being used these days and their websites should not only be compatible with small screens but also to much larger screens of smart TVs. In fact in the case of smart TVs challenge is completely different and we should see that font doesn’t get too big and larger screen can be used as an advantage as we can show multiple contents easily.

Ignoring Touch Screen Scenarios:

This is a common mistake that designers forget to design for touch screens and just design for small mobiles screens. The designing and responsive part of the touch screen is completely different and must be taken care of.

Time Taken to Load Website:

The option with responsive web design is that it squeezes the pictures and content to the small screen but this process can take some time. The initial few seconds when a user visits a website is very crucial as these days users are very impatient and don’t want to wait. In the case of squeezing this can take as much as 7 seconds to squeeze and this time is too much for a website to load.

Removal of Content for Smaller Screens:

Well, this is completely call of a web designer as he can decide that to make website adaptable to the small screen he wants to exclude some of the tabs or content from a website or want to show end user complete website by compressing same. It is important to note that hiding content can make your website site more attractive but on the other hand you are not showing complete info to the user and that information may have been required by the user. Moreover, when we hide content via CSS the content still gets downloaded so no harm is showing same.

To make an effective website they said issues must to take care of and should not be ignored. Same will enable you to make an effective and uniform website for across all devices.

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