Updating Design or Rebuilding Website - What Works Better

Once  you launch your website and start earning initial success, you start receiving feedback from your clients and colleagues. At one point of time, you realize that you need to update your website design or Rebuilding Website to maintain its steady growth. And exactly on the same time, you get confused whether you should update it or totally rebuild it from the scratch.

Has this question ever passed your mind?

Then, this article is for you, because there is absolutely no need to modify your site design every now and then. Redesign, however, should be considered only when your website really looks outdated. Or if it needs some design work to function properly.

Which Is More Complicated?

Whether the site needs redesigning or rebuilding, is completely depends on the business goals and objectives. For example, if your website is getting a whole lot of traffic. But the bounce rate is high, then redesigning worth considering as a well-thought-out website redesign can certainly turn this around.

There are also the factors, when Rebuilding Website is more preferred. Suppose, you’re getting a good amount of traffic from mobile devices. But most of them are bouncing off even before the website gets fully-loaded. Then there must be a problem. Most probably, either the page load-time is quite longer or your website doesn’t adapt to the mobile screen devices.

And when it comes to the matter about complications, the biggest misconception is that website redesign only entail a visual update. Most site-owners have an impression of redesign as updating the look and feel to the present updates. But this kind of approach may ignore the underlying issue with the user experience and site performance.

What they don’t understand is, even a small update in design demands major updates in the underlying code. The real redesign is a multi-phase process that includes discovery and design likewise front-end coding.

Understanding the Difference between Website Redesign and Rebuild:

A site rebuild, however, is undertaken when the existing CMS is outdated or it is difficult to work with. And if you find it hard to update web pages or creating new web pages, then it definitely needs a rebuild. It may occur due to the issues with base code or it could be the outdated CMS or not having the features in your website to make it perform the way you desire to. Whatever the problem may, rebuilding a website from the ground can provide you the opportunity to add your desired features to work the way you want it to.

However, while rebuilding a website, remember that existing content on the current CMS is required to migrated over. To migrate them, you can hire dedicated developer to export old website data as CSV file and import them back to your new CMS depending on your current CMS. This process helps to save a lot of time of copying and pasting old content on the new CMS.

But the bottom line is, first you need to figure out what your site actual need. You’re required to define your issues with current CMS, understand them, and then determine the next step.

What Works Better?

Which option works better? Redesign or rebuild?

That depends on the current state of your website as mentioned earlier. A website redesign also requires a rebuild on the website’s code that involves one or more updates. And the when it comes to upgrade a site with vast database, the redesign and rebuild should not be done together.Because for such sites, it could be a multi-year project. So it makes sense to perform redesign and rebuild separately, or to take an iterative approach.


Whatever approach you decide to go with. It is of utmost importance that you understand the needs of site’s users a.k.a your visitors. Which is essential to increase your ROI. A website redesign may help you modernize your website, wherein a website rebuild help you improve your workflow and user experience.

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