How to use color in the web design

When it comes to Web Design, the main question that arises is “How to select the most efficient colors?” by choosing the right color palette, the business firm can quickly convey their message to the target audience. Moreover, colors also help in branding the products and services. Everyone has a favorite color but how those colors are interpreted completely depends on different culture. A color can communicate far more that people can realize. By choosing the wrong color combination you can ruin your site and can lose good amount of online business.

Before Actually Adding Colors to your Site, you Should Ask Yourself three Questions:

  • Who are your site’s potential visitors?
  • What are your products and services?
  • What are your portal’s key objectives?

How to use color in the web design

There are great chances that your site might receive a large amount global audience, so make sure you choose that color pattern which doesn’t contradict with the feelings for your online visitors. For instance, white symbolizes mourning in China and purple is the color of death in Catholic countries. Make sure you hire the team of skilled designers who have a great understanding of the colors combinations.

Along with that, your visitor’s demographics also make a difference in how they perceive the colors. Young people are usually drawn towards the bring & saturated colors whereas the strong color contrasts can drive the older visitors away. It will be good if you come up with that color combo which makes it easier for the visitors to read and check all the content mentioned on your site.

Given Below is the List of Few Colors and Their Potential Meanings According to the People:

  • Red: This color signifies the passion, romance, violence, aggression, and fire. Moreover, Red is also considered for warning signals or forbidden actions in several global cultures.
  • Purple: It depicts creativity, royalty, mysticism, rarity and mystery. In most for the Catholic countries, purple is also associated with death.
  • Blue: It is a symbol of security, coldness, sadness, loyalty and tranquillity. Whereas, light blue creates a feeling of openness, clean air and freshness, while dark blues can convey tradition, trust and solidity.
  • Green: The most common interpretation of Green color is nature, growth and fertility. In North American regions, Green is associated with environmental awareness and is often linked to fiscal matters. And the lighter, somewhat de-saturated green is the color of money and indicates wealth or value.
  • Yellow: This color has always used for brightness, illness, cowardice and illumination. Some dark yellow also depicts the precious metal- gold which is universally valued.
  • Black: Power, sophistication, contemporary style, death, morbidity, evil, night.
  • White: Purity, innocence, cleanliness, truth, peace, coldness, sterility. White is also the color of death in Chinese culture.

Several websites today clearly reflect the negative effect of the bad color choices. People often choose colors to ‘dress-up’ their site without any regard to their site’s objectives.

Here are some commonly made mistakes which are done while selecting the colors in Web Design:

Choosing Colors that are Already Used by Any Other Brand, Service or Products:

If you are planning to use red color then make sure that it doesn’t match the well-known brand like Coke. It will be good that you come up with a color theme which should not be similar to any famous brand. Less well-known businesses should carefully consider the colors they choose for their logos and website. Certain colors work well with specific types of businesses.

Using a Saturated Color Background:

Having dull and dark colors might make it tough for the visitors to read the content available on your site. With saturated background colors, the site becomes difficult to read and navigate. If your site uses several product pictures or headlines with important messages then make sure you opt for a de-saturated background so the images will ‘pop’ or ‘stand out’ on the page.

You Uses too Many Colors in Web Design:

Color harmony is the most important criteria when it comes to selecting colors. We recommend choosing a moderate number of colors. Four or five colors, plus black and white, should be sufficient enough for the whole site. Too many colors create discord and will distract the user.

Wrapping Up:

Color selection plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall appearance and readability of the site. Make sure you add amazing colors on your site which should be bright enough to attract a good amount of visitors and light enough to make the site content readable for all sorts of the audience.

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