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Weblogs have undergone a drastic revolution over the past few years. There are today millions of people who have plunged into the pool of blogging and the number of bloggers has exploded in the true sense. Apart from this, the software, tools, and technologies for managing and running blogs are increasing at a never ending pace. The quality of services offered by blogs has too risen tremendously. Today, there are thousands of blogs for virtually every niche and it has provided a great medium for the expression of ideas and imaginations. We are going to tell you 4 Top Ways for Making Money Online Via Blogging.

With these advancements, a rise in number of people have been seen who want to blog to earn money. the trend of making money from blogs can be seen in any sphere of life and even some of the popular blogs have behind them the purpose of making big amounts of money as they blog. Blogging is a good medium for earning handsome income, and only you need is creativity and tricks.

Ways for Making Money Online Via Blogging:

Here are listed some of the most common ways for making money online from blogging.

1. Advertising:

The most common of all ways to earn money via blogging is advertising. The advertisers pay the blogger with few bucks whenever their ad is clicked, or the advertisers might pay a specific amount upon a specific number of page reviews. Google’s AdSense is worldwide famous program for advertising. This program puts the contextual ads on your blog. There are no hard and fast rules and any blogger can register their blog at AdSense.Some of the other popular advertising programs include AdGenta and AdBrite. To earn money via advertising you need to have hundreds of visitors at your blog per month.

2. The Affiliate Programs:

The affiliate programs are quite similar to the advertising programs. With affiliate programs, the blogger put a text add at the blog or incorporate affiliate links within their articles. The blogger gets a certain amount of money whenever a reader clicks the affiliate link at the page. Making money via affiliate programs is a tough task as compared to advertising but the profits are much bigger. You can search for affiliate programs at LinkShare or at ClickBank.

3. Pay Per Post:

Many businesses pay bloggers when they create posts about their bran, services or products. You cannot start earning via pay per post programs instantly. Many of these programs require that you must blog for at least thirty days or even more before registering. Some programs demand a specific rate of visitors or traffic at your blog before they register you at their pay per post program. These programs offer huge amounts of money and you can grab a great deal of income.

4. The Sponsorship:

Making Money Online Via Blogging
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Sponsorship programs function very much like the advertising programs. With sponsorship programs, you entire blog has to carry the firm’s brand. With sponsorship, you might not be allowed to write or advertise about any other company except the one with whom you have made a sponsorship deal.

There are many other ways to earn money via blogs but the above mentioned are the most commonly used ways by blogger to make money from their blogs.

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  1. Some other ways to monetize your blogs can be:

    -Publishing service or product review.
    -Hosting giveaways of other websites.
    -Charging for guest post by giving backlinks

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