How WordPress is Beneficial for Bloggers and Content Marketers

WordPress is popular open source tool that is used in managing different blogs and websites. WordPress is also known to provide a great variety of features that will be able to help content marketers in order to promote their work in an effective and better way. At first, WordPress was developed for starters only to construct a simple content for their websites but its great features have enabled it to be able to manage a variety of websites including space for business portals and blogs.

You can, therefore, say that your website is you main conversation point between you and your site readers. In order for your WordPress site to be effective to the bloggers and content marketers, it should have a good workflow and use the best content marketing tools.

A good WordPress will help in focusing energy when it comes to creating of valuable and new blog posts keeping in mind that they will be shared on your social networks. Content marketing is expected to reach new heights in the future years with the increase in WordPress use. In case you are interested in improving business with your audience, you will have to use some of the best content marketing tools for your WordPress website.

There are a number of ways that WordPress websites can be beneficial to content marketers and bloggers. Some of the tools that make WordPress sites to be beneficial include:

WordPress SEO:

The WordPress SEO is an innovative feature that comes together with page analysis tool that is great in optimizing your content not just for the search engines but also for the actual users. WordPress SEO helps one to optimize their content in an easier way.

Editorial Calendar:

The Editorial Calendar will make it much easier to manage your blog or website. Editorial Calendar will enable you to plan your future activities and make you implement them properly by engaging your audience and increasing your subscriber base. It is considered to be one of the best plugins that will suit most of your business needs.

The Editorial Calendar will Enable the User to:

  • Have a view of all the scheduled posts in one panel
  • Alter post publishing dates by using the drop and drag functionality
  • Enables you to easily see your status
  • The editorial metadata keeps record of the important details
  • Contributes to managing the post scheduled by several authors
  • Express Curate

The Express Curate is considered to be a great tool when it comes to the marketing of agencies, professional and specializes bloggers. The Express Curate plugin will enable them to watch the efforts done when it comes to content marketing. However, it does not need huge resources or budget.

Social Metric Tracker:

Social Metric Tracker is known to be a very important WordPress plugin. It enables one to understand the efficiency of your content and allows users to know the type of articles that will get more exposure. Social Metric Tracker colors the coding options to enable one to understand everything in a well and sorted manner. It also contributes to export the data into a CSV file for more drilling when using excel sorting and filtering.

Post View Stats:

Post View Stats is considered to be an excellent plugin that will be able to keep track of all your post views. The plugin will also fetch the stat for each of the views by the visitor. The Post View Stats plugin will enable one to see the post view counts in the WordPress admin panel.


Any goal of a blogger or a content marketer is to get leads and improve conversions. Using the OptinMonster is known to be one of the most effective ways that you can use to increase your email subscribers. It will also allow one to create highly innovative options in the intent lightbox popups form, slides and more.

Floating Social Bar:

The Floating Social Bar tool has successfully solved the problem of your website getting slow though it shows a fake button with a real count unless the user takes the mouse to the social bar for sharing.

Link Patrol:

Link Patrol - WordPress

The Link Patrol is considered to be a fast plugin that will assist you to get, fix and control your website links. It will also allow you to check all your links so that you are not attacked with the spammy sites.

W3 Total Cache:

W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache improves the user experience by increasing the performance of the server and reducing the download time by providing transparent content.


The tools discussed above are known to be of great benefit to bloggers and content marketers for their WordPress sites. WordPress is today considered the best choice for bloggers and content marketers due to its dependability and popularity.

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