8 Steps to Designing a Professional Business Card

Regardless of what industry you work in, you can always use a business card; after all, they’re one of the most important ways people make first impressions. But they carry even more weight for those of us who work in graphic design. If your business card looks bland or cluttered, that doesn’t exactly say much about you as a design expert—or at least, it doesn’t say much of anything good.

That said, it’s tough to create good print designs if you’re more experienced on the web, because you’ve got to step outside your comfort zone to learn about printing. Fortunately, this helpful resource highlights all of the most important business card design tips to keep in mind, like:

  1. Choose contact info your clients will use
  2. Use images that complement your brand
  3. Consider a non-standard material
  4. Try an unusual (yet functional) shape
  5. Pick an imprint method that works for your design
  6. Keep key information in a readable font
  7. Use a clean layout with plenty of white space
  8. Save your files in a format the printer can use

If you’d like help to create a design you can be proud of, consider reaching out to the maker of this infographic—Company Folders. Their design specialists will use their years of expertise to assist you through the process of creating an amazing business card. See examples of their work and learn more details here.

8 Tips to Design the Perfect Business Card

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