Why Should Startups Choose Android App Development?

Why Should Startups Choose Android App Development

For both startups and large organizations, there is a big decision that needs to be made before building an application; iOS or Android app development? Nevertheless, the Google’s Android is gaining popularity with time and its demand shows no signs of dropping.

Today, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become an important part of our lives. Some smartphones are so advanced that it is like holding a hi-tech computer device in our pocket. In order to fulfill this advancing needs of smartphones users, mobile apps have come into existence. These apps are created using the most popular app development platforms available today such as android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and Blackberry.

In this post, we will discuss why should you go with Android app development instead of iOS, Windows, and Blackberry:

Market Share:

According to a report, Android phones are dominating the number of mobile phones shipped globally in 2016, with 75% market share. It’s an immense number that simply reveals the importance of coming up with an Android app. If you are going to create an app, it makes sense to choose the platform that may give you the great access to a large number of users. For business owners looking forward to boost their chances of success, targeting Android users is one of the most effective ways.


The general belief has always been that the iPhones are generally used more affluent users. Being an entrepreneur, you must target a large number of users who are more likely to download your app. Though Android apps have been proved as more profitable than iPhone apps. With ads model, your app can generate more income (as long as the ads are being displayed to the users). Besides, advertising costs are usually economical on Android, which means you can advertise to more users on Android phones than iPhone.

A Less Number of Barriers:

To build an app for iOS devices, you must have a Mac. On the contrary, Android app can be developed on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Besides, a programmer needs to pay $99 a year in order to register on the Apple’s App Store while the Google Play Store demands a one-time payment of $25. However, it is easy to start working on Android development with just an affordable amount of $25 and computer.

Install from any Source:

Android applications can be installed from any source with ease. You can test the mobile apps on different devices due to the tools included in the SDK. You can even directly install your app on any Android device.

Innovative and Creative:

As Android is an open source platform, the coder who is working on it gets a lot of opportunities to utilize creativity and innovation. This nature of Android empowers developers to enhance the quality and performance of their upcoming mobile app.

Easier for Beginners:

It’s easy to develop an App for Android and launch it on the most popular network – Google Play Store. It is really helpful for newbie developers or startups. On the contrary, iOS has a very strict policy for the programmers and furthermore everything is strictly monitored.

Career Scope:

Android app development is not only useful for business owners but also helpful for the programmers. It provides a rewarding career path for developers. It is a fantastic platform that can be used to develop many applications for gaming, entertainment, industrial and several other businesses.

There are several operating systems available that power our mobile phones today. When it comes to building a mobile app, there is a big decision to be made; such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, or Blackberry. Most of the developers and business owners choose Android App Development due to its high functionality and easiness.

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