How to Improve Magento eCommerce Conversion Rate

The eCommerce store owners don’t realize that just by investing a small amount of time and money they can get a great conversion rate. Every Magento eCommerce store differs in design and development with a variety of products. Further, this means every online eCommerce website design needs to be fine-tuned in a way that it achieves an optimal number of sales.

In Today’s online world, top graphic designers are providing websites, blogs, logos and a lot more graphic design art to different clients to survive in this field. If their visuals are not compelling, the appeal of your product or service is undoubtedly compromised. Likewise, In the world of eCommerce, it’s right to say that startups and small businesses who sell online are observed very differently than the established big brand names. From supposed trust to familiarity, recognizable and well-marketed brands engage and convert clients on a separate scale than small businesses.

However, every eCommerce store developed on Magento has one exclusive different thing, but there are some mistakes which are commonly made by the owners. The write-up outlines some proven strategies which every eCommerce store owner should implement to improve the store’s conversation rate.

Improve Magento eCommerce Website Design

Enhance Store Search:

Magento eCommerce store owner should utilize the cutting-edge Elastic search extension that helps customers by quickly find what they look with the powerful website search. You can optimize the experience using weighted attribute values, search phrase synonyms and stop words.

Sphinx Search Ultimate:

Another excellent search selection for Magento eCommerce websites. Website search is one of the core aspects of your eCommerce store which help buyers promptly find what they want to buy from your eCommerce store. Invest time to enhance it as this is helpful in improving the conversation rate.

Simplify Checkout Process:

One of the grieving viewpoints of an eCommerce store is the shopping cart abandonment. You can bypass this problem in the holiday season by shortening the checkout process and making it simple, automatic, small and more reliable. You can accomplish this by providing guest checkout where a user doesn’t require to create any account and then can easily buy any product from your eCommerce store. This involves the input of necessary personal data, auto-filling fields, accept multiple payments and establishing trust with security badges. During your Magento eCommerce website development, you can test various layouts to test its reliability and user friendliness.

Responsive eCommerce Design:

More than half of the significant percent of all online eCommerce currently are visited through mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. And this can certainly make you lose buyers if your eCommerce website design isn’t well optimized for all the mobile devices. If you aim to convert your mobile audiences, then a responsive website is imperative. With a responsive internet site, you can obtain an optimal browsing on the mobile devices and easy reading, interaction experience, and smooth navigation across various kinds of devices.

Quick Loading Speed:

An eCommerce website design built on Magento that loads slow extremely affect your conversation rate. More than 40% of prospects instantly leave the website which doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Further, 79% of your customers won’t return if they are not satisfied with your eCommerce website loading time. You can battle this by optimizing your eCommerce stores by methods like JS and CSS compression, image compression, choosing a reliable hosting provider and employing caching, etc.

How to speed up the performance of your Magento eCommerce Store?

Social Media:

Integrate social media sharing buttons with the product pages on your Magento eCommerce store that help you to get in front of your buyer’s followers on social media. Make the eCommerce website design shareable on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google + which turns your satisfied clients into salespeople that their social media circle support.
By regularly updating social media profile eCommerce brand awareness and trust increases. Online buyers frequently prefer to make a purchase from the eCommerce store which is continuously engaging online and cares about the customers’ queries.

Avoid Below Things Which Kill Your Conversion Rate:

  • If you don’t provide free shipping, be clear and transparent about it. Display product cost as quickly as possible in the buying process.
  • Show your contact number in the website header. It makes easy for the customer to reach you, via phone, live chat, and emails and create a FAQ page.
  • The product return policies should be open and clear. Online customers prefer to see the delivery date, so make the delivery time clear.
    Implementing the above Magento eCommerce website design tips ensures that you count for higher revenues rather than counting the blunders.

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