Top 6 Things You Cannot Avoid While Doing SEO in 2017

SEO refers to the technique of changing or improving the site design so that it advances and gets found out by the potential online customers or the target audiences. Some of the greatest web search tools in the year 2017 are Google, Bing, and Yahoo and each business try to rank the website higher in these search engines. By using SEO in consistency with the search engine rules, site owners and proprietors can advance their sites fabulously.

Although there are several advantages of SEO, it is not that simple. One needs to stay updated about minute-by-minute industry happenings and maintain a gigantic persistence.

The top SEO organizations have stated certain SEO patterns that cannot be avoided in the year 2017. Here is taking a look at them.

Avoid While Doing SEO in 2017

Using 100% Unique Content:

As the substance is the ruler in the year 2017, it is mandatory to compose high-quality and exceedingly attractive content for those computerized advertisers. The content needs to be extraordinary, with a brilliant title, to draw attention. The content should not be copied or duplicated from other websites, but needs to be fresh. The correct use of watchwords will give you an edge over others.

Targeting Geography-based Clients:

In 2017, this is another pattern noticed in SEO. Advertisers need to focus on the clients, as per the land area. This has become the need of computerized advertising organizations looking to target the audiences of certain areas. By doing so, the advertisers can take a look at certain areas and the interest of the target or intended group in that area. It is an area-based site optimization where the entrepreneurs can optimize their content in the view of certain determinations to guarantee a high position in the SERP. It is important for the entrepreneurs to indicate geo-particular Meta label or geological area on the site.

Using Long Tail Keywords:

Making use of the long tail keywords and watchwords will increase ubiquity in 2017 and create a win-win situation for the SEO advertisers. Changes have been made recently in the use of watchword thickness and the catch phrases. If you want help for SEO, browse the official link and get insights.


Blogging is another fabulous way to improve the site ranking on the prominent Internet searchers. You may focus on an expansive range of crowd by opting for high-quality content and by blogging. Content blogging and video blogging is sure to gain more prominence in the year 2017.

The use of Business Directories:

The popularity of using business references is sure to increase in 2017. Its popularity will surely increase with time. Even the SEO specialists have great confidence in combining the professional listing to enhance the permeability of the website.

The Need for Avoiding Reciprocal Linking:

Reciprocal linking implies swapping your links with the links of another website owner. There was a time when reciprocal linking was a great way to link to other site owners but no more. Since Google has caught on this, you should avoid reciprocal linking while doing SEO. Apart from this, do avoid broken links in your page that leads nowhere.
SEO keeps on changing every year. But, the above-mentioned 6 SEO tricks cannot be avoided in the year 2017.

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