Top Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools You Should Know

ASO and SEO are vastly similar in nature. App Store Optimization is search engine optimization for mobile applications. It has advanced terminologies such as user reviews, ratings, rankings, copy writing and keywords. App Store Optimization helps your app rank higher in the application store market. It increases the chances of your app reaching target customers. If your application is optimized perfectly, users can continuously download it.

Consequently, it is very important to adopt the best ASO tools to aid in perfectly optimizing your app. Here are the top ASO tools:


Top Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools You Should Know

Founded by CEO NirenHiro, SearchMan stands out as the most admired ASO tool. So what makes it so popular? It helps developers with keyword analyzation, tracking of search engine rankings and improving app visibility. SearchMan brings with it the following features:

  • Helps in the regular tracking of Android and IOS apps thus helping you observe the visibility of your apps against those of competitors
  • Helps your app maintain its longevity by offering data-driven keyword suggestions.
  • Helps increase the overall SEO performance thus ensuring your app enjoys better search rankings


Appsfire acquired Appstatics in order to enter the app development market. Appstatics is unique when it comes to tracking Mac and IOS applications in the app store. This tool has three facets that make it multi-functional. These are:

  • Discover – This great feature allows you to discover worldwide trend of applications of a daily basis.
  • Track – With Track, you can effortlessly track down the iPad, Mac, and iPhone app rankings on a three-hour interval space. All you have to do is list all your preferences – such as Mac, iPad or iPhone App – to get all desired information.
  • Analyze – Analyze comes in handy in tracking and/or analyzing your competitors’ applications. With this tool, you can extract all the information you need about your competitors. There is no better way of knowing the marketing strategies and promotional tools of your competitors’ app.


Appnique offers developers the pre and post-launch analysis of applications. With Appinque, you can identify keywords including those of your competitors’. You can also use this app to track the ever-changing customer trends. Therefore, this extremely simple yet very alluring application store tool will surely help you improve your apps’ visibility across all platforms. The following are the unique features of Appnique:

  • Explore the potential – This tool helps to not only explore but also understand your applications’ potential. It does this by helping you identify the audience keywords from its giant data analytics and optimization engine.
  • Recognize competitors – Appnique brings with it a feature by the name ‘phrase suggestion’ that enables you to recognize your competitors. The feature also gives you a combination of keywords employed by your rivals. This goes miles in helping you improve your search rankings.
  • Track and analyze with stats – With its data download report feature, Appnique will offer you crucial stats about your applications such as missing keywords, keyword comparisons, regular reviews and app ratings among others.

The above are just of the best tools available. Plenty more exist.

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