Every year Google releases dozens of algorithm updates and you hear SEO professionals around the world sharing their guidelines to stay safe from those updates. There is no doubt that the updates like Mobilegeddon, Fred, Panda and Penguin made some serious changes to the outlook of search engine optimization, but if you look closely you will realize that over the past 10 years the fundamentals of SEO really didn’t change. Since its inception, Google is fighting against link and content spamming. So, did Panda or Penguin do something truly new? Is not too much ad on a website always a bad thing? You didn’t need Fred to discover that!

It is wise to pay attention to the algorithm updates as you find new ways to outrank others by making small changes, but what is more important is to stay forever popular irrespective of the SEO updates. The core pillars need to be maintained at all times to win the faith of Google. Let’s take a look at the 3 fundamentals that have never changed and quite possibly will never change with algorithm updates in the coming years.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Bots Need to be Able to See Your Website:

When someone types a keyword in Google the first thing it does is scan the entire World Wide Web to find the related information mentioned in countless websites. Thus, the first fundamental of SERP ranking is being visible to Google bots. Google should be able to index your website and this is where technical SEO comes in. Technical SEO Agency makes sure that all the codes on your website are working flawlessly, images are optimized, the layout fits across all mobile and desktop devices, the alt tags and schema markups are all in place etc.

Quality Content Always Wins:

The primary goal of Google is to offer useful content sources to the end users. Thus, it does not matter how good your website looks or how many images you have on the website. Only the quality of the content matters! Take a look at top ranking websites such as Wikipedia and Quick Sprout. They pay more attention to information and less bells and whistles. Now, quality content means- lengthy, dense, readable, and easily comprehensible. If your content has these features, nobody can stop your website from climbing high on SERP.

Trust has Its Root in Networking:

There is no single source that determines the trustworthiness of a web page or a website. Trust depends on a lot of factors. Your back-link profile, the age of your domain, the popularity of your website, social media reputation of your website, reviews posted on third party websites and lots of other things contribute to the development of trust in the eyes of Google. In simple words, if your website is trusted and loved by humans (the actual people) then Google is bound to love your website as well.


So, there you have it! These factors will remain the same no matter how many new algorithm updates Google pushes in 2017 or 2018. As long as your website is built on these pillars, you may witness small ups and downs on SERP, but your website will never face any serious consequences.

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