Hiring an Agency for Paid Search

Paid Search has proven to be quite reliable in boosting traffic to a website and increasing sales. You can use this in combination with your typical SEO to boost results. All in all, for this to work well, you need to consider working with an agency that offers the service. Asking the following questions will ensure that you hire the best person for the job.

Do you have the Google Partner Badge?

The purpose of this question is to make sure that the service provider is certified. Having the Google Partner Badge simply means that the agency has employees who have been certified in Google AdWords. They have access to Google Agency Team and are abreast with the AdWords innovations. The last thing you want is to pay an agency that uses obsolete strategies.

Do you Offer Services on Various PPC Platforms?

There are a good number of agencies who only offer their services on AdWords. AdWords is the most popular platform used in paid searches. However, this is not the only platform that can be used. To achieve better results, you need to use multiple PPC platforms. The best marketing agency will also make use of Bing Ads among others. The reason for using Bing is the fact that it has 22% share of the desktop search traffic. Not being here means a lot of missed business.

Which Tools does Your Agency Use to Optimize Paid Search Campaigns?

What You Should Ask Before Hiring an Agency for Paid Search

Simply creating the paid searches is not enough. For you to get the benefits, you have to ensure that the ads are promoted. The agency will make use of tools to optimize the campaigns. Before you commit to a Long Island SEO company, make sure that it doesn’t use tools that are too expensive for you. You also need to check whether they use proprietary tools that cannot be found anywhere else. Remember that you will not be using the agency for the rest of your company’s life. You may want to change. Make sure you will be able to switch service providers without having to start again from scratch.

Is it Possible to Use Actual Spends in AdWords?

When working with an agency, the worst feeling you can get is suspecting that they are stealing from you. They should be transparent on how they will use your ad dollars. Over expenditure will cause the entire process to be useless. The idea is to increase sales and not to increase expenditure.

What Metrics do you Use in Reporting?

You will need a report to know how things are progressing. You should understand beforehand what metrics will be included in the reports. The standard report will include CTR, CPC, conversion rate, ad positions and landing pages. The reports delivered must be easy to read. You should be able to tell from the reports how your paid search campaigns are doing.

The more information you have on how an agency works, the better. Do not be a client who leaves everything to the service provider. You need to be involved too.

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