Types of Printers- Making the Right Choice

Whether you want to print an essay, pictures or invitation cards, there are different types of printers that can efficiently fulfill your needs. The ongoing competition among various leading brands such as Canon and HP has given buyers the advantages of more options and affordability.

Inkjet and Laser Printers:

Inkjet and Laser Printers

  • One of the issues that buyers need to address when buying printers is what they plan to print and how much they will be printing.
  • If you seek a printer that can print virtually anything, color inkjet printers are worthwhile choices. From documents to glossy photos, the options are limitless. Modern inkjet printers offer print speeds that are often associated with laser printers.
  • Office settings typically opt for laser printers when they mainly print in monochrome. These types of printers can be purchased at affordable rates. These are characterized by relatively fast print speed with some providing prints at lower costs for each page in comparison to their color inkjet counterparts.
  • You can consider whether you are willing to compromise the flexibility of color inkjet printers for the features of a laser printer. Color laser printers are also available on the market.
  • Laser printers have previously offered higher page yields than inkjet printers per cartridge. This has changed over time as inkjet printers have evolved to offer several printed pages per monochrome and color cartridge. This means that the costs per page are lower and cartridge changes will be less frequent.
  • In situations where space is limited, multi-function units are recommended because they are cost-effective and save room.

Photo Printers:

If your main purpose is transferring photos to paper rather than printing documents. Then dedicated photo printer is ideal for this function. Although they are not as flexible as the multi-tasking range of printers. The prints are high quality and they are a convenient alternative to commercial printing services.

Many printers that are available for dedicated graphic or photo use have the ability to print photos of varying sizes with a number of colors to enhance color accuracy. Using the right type of paper with an all-in-one device can also yield quality photos of a reasonable size.

Cost and Availability of Supplies:

Find out how much replacement supplies will cost while shopping for a printer. It is important to know what you should expect when the first cartridges dry up. Depending on the amount of printing that you do, it may be more economical to buy a printer. Within the price range that accommodated reasonably priced cartridges. Click here for Korean toner products to help you along. 

Duplex Printing:

Two-sided printing is a feature that has become increasingly common and enables you to print or scan two sides of a page without manually flipping it over. This is achieved by printing one side of a page before it is pulled back through the device. Flipped over and the other side is printed. The convenience of printing two-sided pages helps you save paper.


  • Most printing devices offer numerous connectivity options. The standard interface has been USB for years. Wireless routers can also be connected to printers to allow wireless printing.
  • The new versions of printers are usually shared by different devices. Through a network that connects cables to routers or switches in the network. Wired setups are common within office environments.
  • For home users, WiFi is the popular option and printers that are sold for homes and small businesses usually have WiFi capabilities. WiFi can also connect to digital cameras and smartphones in cases where printers support accommodate mobile printing.

Memory Cards:

Consider types of printers that feature Bluetooth, memory slots and cloud based support. If you are planning to print several photos. Such features will enable you to directly print photos from your smart device or camera. It prevents the task of transferring photos to the computer first. You can eject memory cards from the camera and slot them into your printer. Printers have card readers for multiple formats or support the SD format.

Internet Features:

Internet-based features on printers make photos on sites such as Google Drive and Facebook accessible. With an internet connection you will be able to use these services and print remotely from smartphones and tablets as well as increase access to artwork you want to print out.


Choosing a printer can be a daunting task due to the wide variety that is available as well as some of the terms that are used and may make the process seem more complex than it actually is. You can compare the specifications of different devices. Before you make your final choice, go through reviews, evaluations and view actual printouts to determine the speed of the printer and the quality of images.

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