What Are The Benefits of a WordPress Website?

Over 8% of websites on the World Wide Web are hosted via WordPress Website. That amounts to roughly 75 million websites, so it goes without saying that there are obvious benefits to using the system that was originally created to host blogs.

If you are new to the web development game then chances are your first crack at building a new website will have been on WordPress. While some web designers’ turn their noses up at WordPress. On the basis that they are comfortable using more complex software, the benefits of using the CMS system cannot be argued.

Easy to Manage:

The main reason why anyone opts for WordPress is that it is very easy to use. Even from a novice’s perspective. What you see is what you get interface means that don’t need to be familiar with HTML coding at all to be able to create a working website.

WordPress Website

Of course, it helps if you do have some knowledge of coding. But for users that simply want their own little corner of the internet, WordPress is perfect. The online editor is a simple and effective tool, allowing users to preview any changes before saving.

Google Friendly:

Not only do bloggers and web developers learning their craft love WordPress, but so do SEO professionals. Why? Because WordPress is the most Google-friendly platform on the internet today. With even the search engine itself recommending businesses use WordPress to create their websites.

WordPress sites tend to be very nicely laid out and formatted correctly. It will earn you gold stars in the eyes of Google. With over 75 million websites hosted on WordPress, Google really has to look favorably on the CMS. Otherwise, they will be ruling out almost 10% of the internet from their search results.

Cost Effective:

As WordPress is very much geared towards those with a basic understanding of web design. Thus placing something of a glass ceiling on its functionality, the CMS system is cost effective. Other platforms and software can cost considerably more than WordPress, helping to make the system one of the internet’s favorites.

Many start-up businesses opt for WordPress for precisely this reason as a means to keep costs down to a minimum, while still maximizing exposure. With entrepreneurs being forced to become more SEO-savvy in order to keep up with competition. The low prices serve as an added bonus as opposed to the overriding reason as to why they choose WordPress for their website.


Whereas before you would require the time of an expensive web developer to create and implement new tools. On WordPress the process is as simple as pressing download and install the plugin for you.

With thousands of plugins available directly from WordPress and other outside sources. Fulfilling many uses this again plays into the hands of the not-so-savvy web designer.

Engaged Community:

You might have noticed that with a large chunk of the internet pie on WordPress. There is a very active community ready and waiting to answer any problems that you encounter. WordPress experts can be reached via a plethora of forums. And websites designed specifically to help new and experienced users work through issues, as well as provide useful ideas.

A new user to WordPress will easily come across a detailed walk through for almost any process, as well as helpful reviews and tips for add-ons such as plugins and themes. While other systems, such as Blogger, Wix and Drupal among others have similar communities, they are nowhere near as vast as WordPress’.

While this is not an exhaustive list by any means of all of the benefits that come with using WordPress for your website or blog, with users making the most of numerous of other advantages, these are some of the major selling points of using WordPress.

Aaron Zirpolo:

Aaron has helped to develop a number of websites on WordPress at www.i3media.net, working with various businesses and charities.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you. WordPress is easy to use and that’s why it is more popular than other websites. It has so many automated functionality that helps user to be a website designer overnight. Non-technical guys can also operate it easily. Thanks for highlight theose points.

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