Understanding Google Penguin and Panda Algorithm Updates:

Google Penguin and Panda

Before the release of Google Updates, webmasters were concerned on ranking high on the search engine to attract targeted traffic. There are several SEO techniques however the goal of all webmasters was the same. Their website had to feature in the top ranks and get the maximum targeted traffic possible. However, now the scenario has changed and Google is evolving broadly. For all webmasters it become essential to understand the Algorithm of Google Penguin and Panda. Google updates are not here to put an end to SEO techniques. These updates have arrived to provide search engine visitors with a credible browsing experience!

Google updates are a powerful tool that you can use in the reputation management of your business. The search engine in the past released both Panda and Penguin updates and its algorithms have changed today. To provide users with useful search engine results. Gone are the days when webmasters resorted to links and keywords to rank their websites high on Google. Today, the Panda and Penguin updates unleashed by Google penalize sites for the over-use of both of the above traits. Google today frowns upon websites that contain keyword stuffing. Their ranks have dropped after these updates were released and they no longer feature in the top search results anymore.

The Major Goal and Objective of Google Updates Today:

Google updates now focus upon providing websites with an original rewarding experience that is authentic and legitimate to its users.  The content on the site should always attract the attention of the user and at the same time should be informative. Google is looking for credible content that users will share on social media. The language should be easy to read, educational and enjoyable. The search engine is now including shares, replies and views as the primary determining factors when it comes to ranking websites in search engine results. Those sites that ignore these guidelines laid down by Google are likely to be penalized. And placed in the lower segments of search engine ranks.

In case you are the owner of a website and not sure on how to gain the top spot in Google search engine results. You should hire the services of a good search engine specialist. You should remember that Google Updates are not a hindrance to the future of your website. In fact, these Updates serve you with a chance to improve your website and make it accessible to everyone who visits your site. It is your onus to give visitors high-quality content. This content does not have to be limited to text, but it can also include videos, images and other information for your needs. If you take a look at your website and start revamping it with the above top quality content. You will notice a positive change in search engine ranks with success.

Understanding Google Algorithm Updates:

Google is a search engine that changes its search algorithm regularly. Like for example the Penguin 1.0 and 2.0, as well as Panda Updates, are instances where Google changed its algorithm. The above updates were highly helpful not only for visitors to the website but users as well. The updates imply that the websites receive higher ranks for quality content and better in-depth analysis. You can always rely on experienced and skilled SEO expert to help you to understand these Google Updates and the impact they have on the present and future of your website. The following are the brief examples of the Panda and the Penguin updates by Google. (In case you are new to the concept and not aware of it entirely).

The Penguin Update by Google:

Google Penguin

This is an update released by Google to target people that spam the web. The first version of the Google Penguin update was released in 2012 and its second version was released in 2013. If a website does not follow the quality content guidelines that have been laid down by Google, it ranks low on the search engine results. This means Google wants to give its visitors an instant personalized search that is quick. The information should be useful and at the same time influence the user in such a way that he or she will keep on coming back to the website for information.

Google does not like websites to focus on keyword stuffing at all, and this is why it frowns upon sites that go in for keyword stuffing. Once a site has been penalized by Google, it can be difficult for the website owner to recover the site. When it comes to making your site more user-friendly, you should use features like regular content posting and insertion of quality media. This will make your website more Penguin friendly.

The Panda Update by Google:

Google Penguin

Panda is the second major Google Update that targets support and quality content. The Update promotes and encourages sites to provide quality information along with an analysis that is thoughtful and in-depth. In case, Google finds the content on the website to be repetitive or duplicated; the Panda update will penalize the site. This is where Google urges website owners to make their websites more user-friendly and resourceful. Several websites post and publish duplicated content. They are penalized by this update.

The Panda update encourages website owners to make their websites user-friendly. The website must be resourceful and user-friendly for visitors. Some website owners complain that after making the above changes, the volume of traffic has decreased. The primary reason for the reduction of the website is because Panda takes the time to note the changes and when they are taken into account, the website again gets back traffic. To increase targeted traffic to your site again, it is recommended for you to follow all the quality guidelines that have been implemented by Google.

Therefore, when it comes to Google updates, search engine specialists suggest that you should not fear them at all. With the aid of these updates, you really can make your website a top quality and user-friendly one. You will be ranked high on Google search ranks, and this gives you a competitive edge in the market with success!

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