10 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For A Healthy Lifestyle

Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen is the best highlight of your home. For a homemaker, it’s a personal work space where you call all the shots. Smart Kitchen Appliances or gadgets can be a boon for your kitchen. Whether you are a person who practically lives in the kitchen or someone who occasionally uses the toaster and brews coffee, there are many kitchen gadgets in the market today that will assist you in easing your life for good or help you in your endeavor of achieving culinary greatness. So here is presenting you the 10 must have kitchen appliances for smart homes.

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1. The Kenwood Excel Juicer JE850:

Now, who has ever said no to freshly squeezed juice? Not many takers presumably. There is but a bad aspect of any juicer which no one wants to deal with. We are talking about the pulpy mess of course which happens to be the hardest thing to clean. The Kenwood JE850 looks to change that equation and comes with a mighty 1500W motor that extracts more juice and leaves less pulp in comparison to other juicers in the market. It can be operated in two speeds which makes it ideal to squeeze juices from hard fruits to veggies.

10 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For A Healthy Lifestyle

2. The Bosch MUM59340GB Kitchen Machine Stand Mixer:

If you are looking for a good mixer with multipurpose functions then look no further than the latest offering from Bosch, the MUM539340GB Machine Stand Mixer which is part stand mixer and part functional Kitchen Appliances. The mixer is equipped with a three-zone moveable arm that comes with seven different mixing speeds and all the standard attachments and functions of a good mixer in the market today. For tips on decoration, furniture, home accessories like rugs, mats or curtains, Laura Ashley discount codes provide you with best deals that help beautify your home.

3. The Kitchen Aid Nespresso Artisan:

If coffee is what your heart seeks then the Nespresso is the perfect appliance to own this fall. The Nespresso features an iconic retro design with slender curves and superior build quality and is available in six different colors. Aesthetics and appeal aside, the large 1.4-liter tank and pod bin easily hold up to 14 pods. A low maintenance, convenient solution for all the coffee carvers.

4. The Tefal Cook4Me Connect:

The Tefal Cook4ME Connect brings all the brilliant feature of a perfect cooker putting a smart spin on pressure cooking with app connectivity. The smart cooker comes with an app that can be installed on your phone or tablet and comes pre-equipped with 60 inbuilt recipes. It comes equipped with digital controls, 5 different cook settings and a 6- liter capacity for easy use.

5. The Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Compact:

This lightweight aluminum made stew compact is the best in class stew pot that you can own. It has a stripped-back design that comes with minimal buttons and knobs. A perfectly sized versatile pot that can cook stews, soups and everything in between. It comes with 3 heat settings, a 4.5-liter cooking pot and a glass lid making it the ideal hot-pot for slow cooking.

6. The Migele G 6820 SC:

If you are looking around for a dishwasher with extra swag, then the Migele G 6820 SC should be your ideal choice. It comes with a WiFi connection for remote control via an app and is super energy efficient. The dishwasher comes with seven different programs which include a 69-degree Celsius hygiene program for washing baby bottles. It is a sensor machine of sorts which helps it work out how much food is deposited on a load before it starts while simultaneously altering its wash cycle as per the contents of the load.

7. The Mastrad Thermometer Spoon:

The Mastrad Thermometer Spoon is a nylon/silicone spoon that comes with a detachable probe and can give accurate digital temperature readings that are accurate to the nearest tenth of a degree. It is a practical tool for all kinds of cooking tasks whether it is checking your stirring veggies on the pan or your slow cooking stew.

8. The Nutribullet RX:

If its soup you are craving then the Nutribullet RX is the smart appliance for the job. The Souperblast mode can blitz through veggies and fruits in a jiffy. The seven-minute blend and heat cycle turns your herbs and chunk into delicious liquid heating it up simultaneously to make you the perfect home-made soup on the go.

9. Morphy Richards 402052 Total Control Hand Blender Pro Set:

This hand blender is a powerful blitzing tool that can handle all kinds of important kitchen tasks like chopping, mashing, whisking, blending to ice crushing. The Total Control’s buttons are all within easy reach of the thumb easing the handling of the blender. It also comes with a smart response technology that will help prevent unfortunate ground splatters.

10. The Haier Codo Portable Stain Remover:

If you are a little clumsy during your work in the kitchen then you should consider owning this piece of gadget. The Codo is a powerful battery powered stain remover. It works by firing a little water into the stained area. It is proven useful even with the most haphazard of stains. Mastering the Codo takes some time but once you have the hang of the machine, most stains were almost untraceable.

Smart home Kitchen Appliances are the new fad of the day and easing your work in the kitchen is something that would never go out of fashion.

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