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Social Media has become a part of our society. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are keeping people connected and informed all around the world. Leaders and those who are at the forefront of building the society are using social media to network with the society. Today, teens and adults are spending about eight to nine hours a day on social media sites and we will see the Impact of Social Media Platforms on their lives. Some have also created online jobs for the youth. The youth also use a lot of their time learning and researching on these platforms. For the last ten years, social media has been used by people from around the world to interact socially and congregate online. Lately, social media is also being used by businesses to grow their business. Lets find out Impact of Social Media Platform such as Facebook on the Society.

So What are the Benefits of Joining Facebook?

The Impact of Social Media Platforms, Particularly FB, on the Society

  1. It can be used as a voice of reason in the society. Facebook is being used by the youth to create “a voice for the voiceless” by creating pages and groups. Most of these groups and pages are created by people who have gone through a painful experience or those who believe they can change a certain bad behavior in the society. They fight for equality in the society.
  2. If you have a business, you can advertise your business on your profile and you can share ideas about your business with the online community. This not only advertises your business but it also brings in more local and international customers.
  3. It connects teens to the world. Teenagers who are experiencing adolescence may feel like they are alone but once they are connected to Facebook, they interact with other teenagers and share their experiences. They are also able to talk to psychiatrists and life coaches who in turn earn if it is done at a fee.
  4. It helps you to acquire new skills. By interacting with different people from different environments, you get to learn new skills and talents from other people. By learning new skills, you are able to interpret different situations and prepare yourself for a similar situation in the future. Sites like YouTube have educational videos that help sharpen skills and develop your skills, which can even help you to earn online.
  5. It gives you skills to become more independent and confident. Engaging on Facebook can be a new adventure for both young people and adults where they can explore new places and different skills. It enables them to mold their character and be more independent and confident.
  6. It helps educate young people. While talking to young people and advising them, you are able to educate them. It also attracts sponsorship from different companies.

Facebook is among the top social networking sites in the world. In terms of users and traffic, Facebook has been growing daily. It presents unique marketing opportunities for websites and online businesses. For the youth, Facebook provides fun quizzes which can be shared among friends.

Have you come across a quiz where you are asked which soft drink you enjoy while at home, or what your personality is,or which products you can’t live without? These types of quizzes are fun and easy to do. Most teens have even become addicted to them. Quizzes have continued to grow over the years and marketers use them to reach their consumers. Sometimes you will be requested to do a quiz for a prize which can come in form of money, tokens or gift cards.

Why Should you do a Facebook Quiz?

  • Facebook quizzes help you flesh out your life story. Psychology suggests that for people to iron out the creases in their lives, they organize events in tiny stories of day to day experiences. By doing a quiz, you are able to understand your behavior better.
  • Advertises use the answers you receive to make better adverts and to know what you would like introduced into the market.
  • You will be helping an online marketer understand the type of products you and others prefer over others. This helps manufactures and companies to know why some products sell fast while others do not sell at all.
  • They help you express your opinions. By answering a few questions, you are able to perform your constitutional right, which is freedom of expression.
  • They help you know more about yourself. By taking a personality test, you are able to know what type of person you are and you can research more about your personality. It helps you understand the traits you have, why you behave the way you do and who else has the same personality. This can really help in your relationships and other aspects of your day to day life.

In this day and age where impact of social media platforms such as Facebook have become a crucial part of our society,it has become much easier to campaign or market your ideas. All you have to do is create a Facebook page that will help you speak directly to a group of people worldwide. If you have a website where you discuss personal health and diet, it is very easy to create a group and share your thoughts with people who are interested in the topic.

You will be able to easily advertise your website and by sharing a link, you will be able to drive traffic to your website. The more the traffic your website receives, the more you will understand whether the content you share on your website is helpful or not. You will also get people commenting and sharing,and this will ultimately grow your website.

Facebook is a great platform to start your online business. As soon as you post the products you are selling, there is a chance that more than ten people will see it and request to buy it. Most companies are now selling their products online to tap into the vast online market and this is where Facebook can really come in handy.

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