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SEO for Google - Youtube SEO

With a keen focus on Google, businesses can surely have an advantage regarding SEO visibility among the potential consumers. However, Google is not the only channel now people trust on finding resources. They rely on YouTube videos and eCommerce platforms like Amazon. To take decisions when it comes to reviewing products or purchasing what they want. Lets find out SEO for Google and Unconventional Search Platforms such as YouTube and Amazon.

So, if an equally important preference is not given to these alternate search platforms too. A business will be missing an opportunity to lead on these other search platforms and thereby losing results.

A Beginner Guide to SEO for Google on YouTube and Amazon:

Any random consultant will be telling you about SEO. But a professional digital marketer makes a difference by taking a broader approach to this by incorporating social media presence, video channels, and other possible platforms to expedite online performance.

When discussing the top two, YouTube and Amazon are the two highly significant search engines. Where people gather, and optimizing your business content for these portals too will offer a substantial advantage for start-up businesses. Let’s dig into more details of these.

SEO on Amazon:

SEO on Amazon - SEO for Google

The first thing which comes into everyone’s mind is that Amazon is not a search engine like Google or Bing, so what is the role of SEO? However, if you do the online selling of your products, then there is nothing more lucrative than thinking of getting optimized on Amazon. Amazon is a high-traffic transactional platform and users are out there with specific purchase intentions.

So, conversions rates will be higher on Amazon than Google. If an individual search for the bestseller books on Amazon, he or she does have an intention to buy it. The purpose of a Google search may be with an intention to gather more information.

Key to Success:

It is all about understanding the algorithm of Amazon. As mentioned above, Amazon focuses purely on selling and buying. It earns a nominal commission over each sale, so we can apply logic to identify that the algorithm may be more profit motive. It can be assumed that an eCommerce giant like Amazon may measure the worth of a product. Based on the relevance of it against a particular search query the past sales performance of each product.

Add Proper Category:

Provide Amazon enough data to rank your listing under most relevant categories. Fill in the fields carefully while creating a listing and test if is precisely found through adequate filter criterion. However, similar to that in Google, relevant keyword research to understand the most-used search terms to integrate with the product description diligently is the key to success on Amazon too.

Integrate Keyword and Relevant Product Data:

It is essential to integrate the significant keyword to product titles along with other vital information as the generic name, brand, and essential characteristics. However, this needed to be done most naturally by avoiding random keyword stuffing. The production description points are also vital as ranking elements, so try to include relevant long-tail keywords, which can efficiently indicate your USPs and branding elements.


Conversion rate (sales) is another direct ranking factor. Keyword-optimized copy along you’re your conversation rate will further enhance your performance. The price element also has a substantial impact on conversions. The images you add to the listing are also crucial regarding conversion. Detailed digital pictures with zoom function are found to enhance the conversion rate on Amazon.

SEO on YouTube:

SEO for Google - SEO on Youtube
Alongside any other search engines and social media platforms, YouTube is also now admired as a vital brand-building platform for businesses. It also holds the fame of being the second most significant search engine after Google. Even though now owned by Google, separate optimization strategies are required to come on top on this unique video search platform.

Keyword Research:

Same as in case of SEO for Google, keyword research is vital in case of YouTube optimization to ensure that you are targeting rightly on the high-volume searches. To get keyword insight, it is ideal to try the autocomplete feature of the search bar on YouTube. You can test your matching keyword on Google and see if these yields significant YouTube video results. There are also now research tools to specifically put forward the top “video keywords” to use for YouTube traffic generation.

Where to Put Keyword?

This is a crucial question as in contrast with web content; YouTube content is mostly video. There are four key areas where you can incorporate the keywords well as title of the video, description, file name, and tags. No doubt that title description is the crucial and No. 1 consideration for YouTube rankings. Ideally, include the keyword at the beginning of your description.

Considering the above facts, being viewed on Amazon and YouTube also works the same way as in case of website SEO. Nowadays, the more people view you through these platforms with intensive buying interests can surely give a push to your brand and sales as a whole.

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