How to Fix BSOD Bug Showing Unexpected Store Exception Message?

How to solve BSOD Bug

The users of Windows 10 usually encounter with the BSOD Bug (Blue Screen of Death) virus. After the anniversary update of windows 10 many users are reporting the issue of computer freezing with an error showing Unexpected Store Exception Message. It is accompanied by the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD Bug). There are different ways to fix this issue. If your computer also shows such error, then it might be because of anti-virus program or due to any other reasons. The article is useful for those who are facing the similar problem in their system. Read the following ways and try them to solve this issue.

How to Fix BSOD Bug Showing Unexpected Store Exception Message

Method 1 – Repair the Corrupt Files:

Download re image plus on your system and run the program to scan and restore the missing and corrupt files. It ensures that all the system files remain intact and does not corrupt while performing the solutions given below. It may remove BSOD Bug but if the first method does not solve the problem, then try the next way.

Method 2 Uninstall Antivirus Program:

As said earlier that anti-virus program might be the reason behind showing the unexpected store exception message hence uninstalling it might fix the problem. Windows 10 has a default program called Microsoft defender that protects the system from virus. Therefore, uninstalling of the third party program will not affect the computer and your system will be guarded. Update the anti-virus program or uninstall it completely to fix this issue. To uninstall the program follow these steps:

  • Press windows key + X a pop-up menu will appear on the top
  • Select control panel
  • In the panel, you will see the ‘program’ section, click on it.
  • Find the anti-virus software from the list. Uninstall all the versions of the software by selecting all of them and then click on Uninstall button.
  • Click on ‘yes’ to proceed with the method.
  • Then restart your PC.

On performing the above steps, the chances of unexpected store exception message are very low and hopefully BSOD Bug will remove. However, if you still face the problem then use the rest of the methods discussed below.

Method 3 – Check Hard Disk:

some users face this issue because of some problem with the hard disk. The primary reason for the issues is the presence of important files in the bad sector of your hard drive. So, if the above method does not solve the problem then do a test to check the health of the hard drive.  A third party tool is used to perform the health diagnostic test. Follow these steps to perform the test.

  • Use a tool that can inform you about the status of the hard drive. You can download the crystal disk info to know the status of the hard drive.
  • Once you download the file, click on file and follow the instructions shown on the screen to install the crystal disk info.
  • Once it installs, launch the program, and the status will appear on the main window. If everything is fine, then it will display the message ‘good’ otherwise it will show ‘bad.’

So, start diagnosing your hard drive with crystal disk info. However, if you are not satisfied with this method and still getting the error message, then we have another method as well. To know about it continue reading.

Method 4 – Check Driver Issues:

follow the given steps to remove the unexpected store exception message from your PC.

  • The first step is to stop the installation of drivers by typing gpedit.msc in the search bar of the start menu.
  • To the left side of the window, you will see a computer configuration.
  • Expand the computer configuration by expanding the administrative templates then system and at last, expand the device installation and click on it.
  • To the right side of the window, a message will appear displaying to prevent the installation of the devices which are not described by the policy. Double click on the message.
  • A window will appear asking to enable it, click to enable.
  • Restart the PC
  • Press Windows key + X, select device manager.
  • In sound video and game controller section, right click on IDT high definition audio. Click on uninstall, and it’s done.
  • Reboot the PC.

Again install the latest driver after the rebooting process is completed. From now onwards, your PC will not display the error message of unexpected store exception. However, there is one more reason behind the appearance of this message, and that is the malfunctions of the memory. In this case, you have to diagnose the memory and to do so, follow these steps.

Method 5 –  Memory Diagnostic:

  • Press windows key +R and the run window get to appear.
  • Type this text ‘mdsched.exe ‘and enter.
  • On the window, a restart button will look, click on it and check the problems. On this, the computer will reboot, leave the computer until it returns to the desktop.
  • Right click on the start button of the window and click on event viewer.
  • In this window, click on window logs and then on system section: then click on find>type memory diagnostic> click on find next.

Replace the memory if an error appears. If the memory is under the warranty period, then the supplier will give you a new memory without asking for money but if the warranty period is over then buy the new memory. On replacing the old one with the new memory, you will no longer face the problem of unexpected store exception message. All the methods that we have discussed above are proven, and they fix the bug without causing any harm to your computer. Try any of the methods shown above and solve this technical issue.  This BSOD bug is the common problem, and hence you don’t have to worry about it. However, solving the bug early can help you and your PC from slowing down. We hope that those who were dealing with the freezing of their computer can now use it without getting stuck at any point on applying the methods mentioned above.

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