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When you hear the words ‘Social Media’, one of the first few names that come to mind is Facebook. Facebook has evolved dramatically in the last decade. Today the social network giant has over one billion users worldwide, and is used by innumerable businesses as a platform for their social media marketing. Nowadays almost every company has its own Facebook page and all of their advertisements mention how to find them there? Let me tell you some effective ways, by using these ways you can use Facebook for Business to earn money.

Facebook offers you unlimited potential as a tool of business growth. If you’re wondering how you can use Facebook for Business, here are five effective Facebook marketing strategies that’ll give you a kick-start:

Facebook for Business

1. Content:

Content is everything on every social network, let alone Facebook. If you’re looking to expand your business through Facebook, you will have to add unique and high-quality content on your page regularly. Good content enhanced engagement with audience and widens your brand’s reach. However, it is important to keep in mind that no matter how good your content is, it is going to be useless if you do not have a vast and supportive audience.

Therefore, you should begin with getting an audience before you begin marketing your content. Not only will this expand your reach, but also it will  build trust within your audience. Once your audience trusts that your brand will share useful content that will be of great value to them, marketing won’t be difficult anymore. After all, there’s no better publicity than word of mouth publicity. Once people trust your business, they will surely buy from you.

2. Freebies:

Is there anyone who doesn’t love freebies? Hardly. In a recent survey by Exact Target, it was found out that 36% of social media customers like a fan page for free samples or freebies.

I’ll share a personal story with you. A month ago I came across a website that was basically all about psychology. I filled in one of their surveys, and I received a free PDF in my mail. The book was named “How To Convince Anyone.” Inside it were several psychological hacks that suited real life situations and every single one of them worked when I tried them in real life. Later, I purchased their premium pack worth 39$.

Moral of the story – You need to give your customers a little taste of what you’ve got for them.

3. Facebook Contest:

Social Media Contests are one of the most effective ways to boost your following and expand your brand’s business online. In laymen terms, A contest is basically like a giveaway, where you ask your followers to do some task that would promote your brand, and then you give away big prizes to the ones who you think did the best. Another great advantage of contests is that they help to grow email leads. There are many third party contest apps on Facebook, like Binkd, which sends an email capture form that needs to be filled to participate in the contest. Followers who participate in your contests become loyal customers, especially if they’ve won something.

4. Discounts:

Just like in the real world, discounts help you grow your business online too. There are various ways you can offer discounts to your customers via Facebook. Let’s take a look at some of them –

A. Like a Page to Get Discount:

The easiest way is by luring people into like your business page by offering them a discount in return. This discount is usually in the form of discount codes which can be used at the time of checkout on your e-commerce store or at your company’s local store.

 B. Liking Products for Discount:

Unlike pages, in this case your followers will have to like some product for discount codes. For example, you can set some percentage for discount. Let’s suppose that the discount is 10%. Now if someone likes the product, they will a receive 10% discount code, and it would also be shared on their profile.

 5. Use Promoted Posts:

Promoted posts are an effective way to attract a large number of people with similar interests amongst your audience. Promoted posts act as a vot of trust, which means you’re your audience that you trust the post and they should do the same as well. These were the best five methods that you can use to grow your Facebook business page’s audience. Are there any other methods to grow your business that you know of? Let us know in the comments!

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