Since its inception in 2010, Instagram is fast becoming one of the most popular social media networking sites on the internet. It has over 800 million active subscribers around the world, and a vast majority of them are within the age group of 18 to 29 years. Most of them have a good educational background and are ardent online shoppers who are always looking out for innovative products at the most competitive prices. Enterprising entrepreneurs owning online businesses are taking note of this trend and are taking steps to incorporate Instagram into their organization’s overall search engine optimization strategy to increase Online Traffic.

Ways to Use Instagram To Increase Online Traffic to Your Website

3 Instagram Tips to Increase Online Traffic to your Business Website:

SEO experts say people responsible for managing internet search engines claim they do not consider social media presence while allotting ranks to business websites on their result pages. However, it is an open secret that business websites having an active profile on prominent social media networking platforms including Instagram can secure better ranks. This implies the organizations owning such sites receive greater organic traffic from their target audience and enjoy greater visibility on the internet. They point out the following three effective tips you should consider when using Instagram to enhance your business website’s visibility on the internet:

1. Use the Instagram links to evaluate the success of your online marketing campaign:

When you launch an online marketing campaign to boost your business website’s ranks on the result pages of various search engines, you need to evaluate its effectiveness. Even when using Instagram to achieve the same objective, you can do this with the aid of Google URL Builder. The tracking code on your organization’s business profile link indicates the number of Instagram followers browsing your business website at any point of time.

2. Utilizing the location to generate a ‘call to action.’

Instagram has an inbuilt feature that allows you to customize the location of the eye-catching photos or video you upload for the convenience of your clients on Instagram. It appears just above the images you wish to share with your target audience but below username of your organization’s business profile. Entrepreneurs with relevant skills and knowledge use this technique to geotag such pictures to their clients. However, you can also take a step to utilize the space to initiate a ‘call to action,’ if geo-tagging proves to be a tall order for you.

3. Effective use of relevant hashtags:

You may not be aware that Instagram is itself a search engine. This popular social media networking platform has inbuilt features which experts refer to as ‘hashtags’ which act as a catalyst to increase online traffic to your business website. However, this is only possible when you make proper use of them. To need to take your time to conduct research on which hashtags can help to achieve the objective of increasing the visibility of your website on the internet.

Having an active profile on Instagram can works wonders when it comes to boosting your business website’s ranks on result pages of prominent search engines. However, you need to know how to use this popular social media networking platform to your advantage. The above three essential tips can help you to increase online visibility to your site.

Author Bio: Frank Gibbins is an SEO and social media marketing manager who helps clients increase Instagram followers with easy strategies and tips for their business websites in the USA.

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