The Secret Powerful Design Element of Presentation Folders

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When it comes to creating an amazing presentation folder design, much of the focus is placed on the front and back covers. After all, many people wouldn’t even look inside the folder

if it weren’t for the cover piquing their curiosity. It’s true that those elements are important, but there’s one element inside that often becomes an afterthought: business card slots.

Business card slots are more than a few slits in the pocket to hold a business card in place. They’re also not always banished to the corners of the card (though corner slits are the most

conventional). They can be at the top and bottom or on the sides, depending on the card. Instead of slits, they can be notches—round or rectangular. Actually, the possibility of their shape is endless, as custom slots are also available. Consider creating slots that complement the rest of the design, such as triangles or stars. You can also use slots to match other folder elements such as wavy or curved pockets, as shown in this design here.

Think of the slots as the cherry on top of a sundae. It’s the last thing added to the dessert, but the first thing people notice if it’s missing. Learn more about business card slots with this useful guide.

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