5 killer-punch tips for navigating social media

We now live in a world with social media. Unlike the past, traditional media was more prevalent, interactions were more physical and limited within localities. That cannot be said of today, however.

In life, social skills are important for building friendships, creating connections and also resolving conflicts. Because of social media, building social skills in life could be more of a challenge given the new interaction dynamics.

Just as social skills in life are important, having the skills to use social media is important as well. With over 60 apps for social media at your disposal, you want to make sure you know how to use them. These sites come with specs that differ from one another and offer you a unique user experience.

For entrepreneurs and business persons, running your social media sites while managing your blog can be a daunting task. Knowing how to use social media to your advantage is key in making sure you get the best results out of it. So, whether a fashion blogger or life coach, here are tips that will help you to easily navigate the social media space.

1. Understand the Specs of Different Social Media Sites:

Understand the Specs of Different Social Media Sites

No one site is exactly the same as the other. They come in different formats and each has a specific use.

Depending on the type of business you run online, it is important to use a social site that will give you the best results possible. For instance, if running a photography blog, Instagram is your best bet.

It’s the most ideal site in ensuring that you keep your social media followers engaged and entertained. For your information, you also want to check out our new Instagram likes app.

If a fashion blogger, Pinterest turns out to be the best social media site for visuals. A life coach or motivational blogger does well with a Facebook page. The key lies in finding a social media site whose format naturally rhymes with your content type. Consequently, this helps to have a wider reach of your audience.

2. Being on Several Social Media Sites don’t Always Workout:

As a webpreneur, your major goal is to get as many likes as possible for your brand or business. This could mean registering your business on a number of social media sites. Unfortunately, this does not work out necessarily.

In social media, the thinner you spread out the better. Focus on three major sites and work on engaging your audience while building a strong following.

It all boils down to managing your resources in the most efficient manner. Time is a valuable resource you would want to focus on considering you do not have all the time in the world. Choose to focus on key sites depending on your availability, attention and the time it takes to create content.

3. It’s a Long Stretch; you will have to Fight Longer:

It’s a long stretch; you will have to fight longer

Having the will to start is one thing and having the tenacity to carry on is another. For starters, it’s tough competing in the same space with brands that have already amassed thousands if not millions of followers.

Building a strong social media presence needs investing long hours of time and effort. To make this easier, see your social media activities as a long-term strategy to achieving your goals. Results won’t show up in a day or two but will be sure to build up over time.

Many established brands with a big following have numerous likes and retweets coming their way. What you may not know is the fact that they also began with zero followers and rose through the ranks.

Continue putting great content out there as if you were writing for thousands of people and success is bound to come.

4. Sell your Products Subtly Rather than Forcing it on Consumers:

Sell your products subtly rather than forcing it on consumers

A good online entrepreneur understands that social media is not all about selling your business. Of course, as a business person, your primary goal is to make profits.

However, making those profits call for a strategic way of wooing customers into buying your product. Forcing your products on followers or manipulating the conversation to suit your agenda could, unfortunately, backfire on you.

The best way out would be to focus on the application of the 80/20 rule. For 80% of your time, spend it building a strong relationship with your followers by showing interest. Also, you want to make sure you are building an image of trust and reliability amongst your followers.

Once this is achieved, you can use the remaining 20% to mention and promote your product amongst your followers. To do this best, work on creating a desire for buying the product without mentioning it to your customers. Also, dwell on the benefits of the product to your customers.

5. Invest Time in Engaging with your Followers:

Invest time in engaging with your followers

Feeling important is a core need of every human being. The moment you begin recognizing and noticing people on social media, you are as well halfway through getting more followers.

You can create connections with Godspeed if you can make people feel important. This, you can do by giving them a sense of approval at your first meet up. It helps to create an instant connection.

Engaging with people means they will be more interested in your brand and ultimately connect with you.

On the other hand, you could get to know other followers to brands within your industry. Engage with them by liking their images, replying to their posts and generally reading their posts. Don’t do it for the sake of marketing purposes. Instead be very authentic in all you do.

Bottom Line:

Getting clout on social media is not rocket science if you know how to navigate the social media space. With a few tweaks in your strategy, you could easily amass thousands of followers in far less time. In a nutshell, the social skills you apply out there should be used similarly in building friendships on social media. This goes a long way in making your brand authentic and saleable on social media.

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