Is Domain Authority Valuable SEO Factor for Google Rankings?

Is Domain Authority Valuable SEO Factor for Google Rankings

Google has a proper set of requirements to award a rank to any website? Only the best websites make it to the top. How is it decided whether a website is up to standards or not? Websites do not get a rank randomly and various key important factors are considered in this relation. Domain Authority (DA) is one of these factors. Therefore, domain authority checker plays key role in Google ranking. It is a fact that today; DA is one of the most powerful metric deciding the fate of every website. According to the recent Google standards, domain authority is a very important factor for rating a website. Domain authority helps in differentiating between legitimate and illegitimate websites. Today, it is not easy to create a website but getting a good SEO rank is obviously not that simple.

Websites with a high DA score do not face any challenge in getting customers. These domains have a trusted image as their domain authority is high.

Here is how the Google rank of a website is affected due to the domain authority.

1. Google Rank of a Website Grows with Domain Authority

Websites aim at getting higher ranks because this gets more business for them. For instance, if you compare the traffic on a website ranked on the first page with one ranked on the second page, the websites on the first page would have a much higher rate. The Google rank of a website creates major difference in the traffic count. Other than that, business volumes depend on the traffic rate.

  • According to Google practices, websites with a high domain authority score would have a higher Google rank as well. When a website has a high DA score, it means that the website has been operating for a long time. New websites do not have a high DA score as they have to develop trust in the minds of the customers.
  • If a website has a high DA score, customers can be sure that there are no trust issues with the website. Hence, you can buy products / services from the website without fearing about any scam. Reputed websites do not get involved in scams. Always check da on da pa checker before getting involved in any deal with website.

2. Much Better Rate of Conversion:

The rate of conversion of a website depends on the reputation it has. In case of new websites, it is hard to get a high rate of conversion in an instant manner. There is a reason for this. Usually, new websites do not even get ranked on the first page for a long span of time. Users prefer websites ranked on the first page as they have more experience with what they are offering. For instance, consider that you need to buy a desktop machine and you generate a Google search. Would you bother checking all the websites for the offered products? This is not possible in anyway.

  • As it is mentioned above, websites with a high DA score do not have problems in getting conversions. People trust these websites and they have a high SEO rank. Thus, people are ready to visit them and even make purchases. It is a psychological perspective that people do not want to consume a long time while buying things. Hence, most buyers do not go beyond the first page of results. They have the opinion that websites listed on the pages that follow are less dependable.

3. No Scam Risks:

The internet is full of scams and this fact cannot be overlooked. This is actually the negative side of using the internet. Hence, for any customer, finding a reliable website is the first and most important task. What is the biggest sign of a scam website? Scam websites register domains for a small span of time. They register for domain and then simply vanish after they are done with their illegitimate activities. Hence, the domain age can tell whether the website has credibility or not.

  • A scam website does not get ranked high on Google. This is because an illegitimate website does not have a good DA. Domain Authority gives a confirmation about whether the user can count on a website or not. Along with that, a high DA score is calculated on the basis of various components including high standard content. This is what a scam website would never have. Thus, Google rates websites with a high DA score among the top slots.

4. More Clicks and Organic Searches:

Getting a high website rank is winning the battle.  Actually, this is the biggest priority on the mind of every website owner. A website can increase its revenue by a big margin if it is ranked on the first page among the top five ranks. To achieve this milestone, a high Domain Authority score is needed. Eventually when a website is ranked highly, most visitors searching for products in the same category would click the link.

  • A high DA score helps in getting more clicks from targeted users. The buying pattern of most buyers is similar and that is to make an online purchase in the shortest possible time span. If your website is ranked on the third or fourth page of results, you cannot expect a lot of visitors to make visits. Hence, the first thing you need to go is improve the rank. This will automatically improve the traffic count. In other words, if you want to remove the rank of your website, acquiring a high DA score should be one or your highest priorities.


It is important for website owners to know about the positive and negative components affecting the website performance. It is a fact that DA is not a very old website metric. However, if you look at the website metrics which really make the maximum difference, domain authority is surely among the top ones. Today, for any website, it is simply impossible to make it to the top and generate traffic without a good DA score. Websites earn a high DA score with the passage of time when people start depending on it. A low DA score for a long time may be an identification that the website is being used for scams.

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