Top Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Top Benefits of Responsive Web Design

You all know that Responsive Web Design (RWD) has taken the world by storm. All businesses, big and small have responsive sites. It happened since the time Google rolled out its algorithm in 2015. If you do not have a mobile-friendly site, you must design one without much ado. It is essential for ranking of your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs). With the advent of technology, more people, especially the millennial generation turn to their smartphones and tablets to shop, look for information, buy movie tickets, order food from restaurant sites, hire a massage therapist, look for pet care centers, buy air tickets, book hotels, and so on. So you can imagine if you do not have an RWD, so many business opportunities you are missing. That is because Google will rank your website and people will not find your business at the top of the SERPs. It is as simple as that.

According to an article published on, today sites cannot be designed with a set number of pixels. Even e-readers, gaming consoles, and web terminals browse websites. Therefore, if your web design is not optimized for different screens, your users will have a bad browsing experience and leave your site right away. Read on to learn the most important benefits of responsive web design.

No More Google Penalties:

When you have two different versions of the same web design, you are creating duplicate content and annoying Google. Today, all the major search engines are intelligent enough to detect it. They know which sites are mobile-friendly and which not. You cannot fool Google’s algorithms. If people are browsing the mobile version of your web pages, they will view the same content in the desktop version even if the URL is not the same. Such flaws will penalize your site and push it down further in the search pages. The results will be disastrous because both your site versions will rank poorly in the SERP because Google will not understand which of the content is original. The same rule holds when it comes to potential buyers. Thinking that you have duplicate content, buyers will think you are not a reliable brand.

If you plan to design two different versions, you need two different SEO strategies, content, and marketing campaigns. It will create a dent in your wallet because the process is very expensive and unnecessary when you can design a responsive site and save your hard-earned dollars.

To avoid the cost and effort, web designers utilize a canonical tag on a mobile site that directs to the desktop version. This way, most of the separate mobile sites do not show on Google’s pages. However, when you have RWD, all the above issues can be solved in no time. Once you have a responsive site, Google will not penalize your site. What more can you want? Your visitors increase, traffic increases, users stay at your site, they buy products, and you keep making money. And with digital marketing services, you can make website’s presence felt online.

Pleasing User Experience:

When you have a responsive site, your visitors enjoy a better user experience. There is nothing like it. One of the factors determining user experience is the amount of time they stay on your site. If people have issues navigating the web pages because they need to zoom and pinch frequently, they will leave your site. They will not return in the future. Today, people have time constraints and cannot waste several minutes zooming the pages to read all the information available. The best solution is clicking away. Therefore, your site should scale and react to screen changes, especially the size. This way, users will not have any issues navigating the pages. They will like to stay on your site as long as they want. They can easily access buttons, navigation links, menus, bars, and enter details in the contact form if they want some services or product. It means user experience will improve and your site’s performance too. Google will like your RWD and rank your site high in the SERPs. Enhanced user experience and ease of navigation will make your visitors happy and result in word-of-mouth publicity and new customers for your venture. Just invest in RWD, and you will be surprised to see the results.

Simple Analytics:

When you have double site versions, you need to keep an eye on two different website analytics. It is important so that you understand where the internet users are coming from and how they use your site and content. How long they stay. Do they bounce back? Do they stay on your site for long or leave immediately? Monitoring so many things is not easy. That is because you need to keep track of numerous signups and thank you pages, leads, funnels, conversion points, and things like that. You will have no time to keep track of so many things when you have to focus on the expansion and growth of your business.

However, when you have RWD in place, these data and stats are easy to figure out, interpret. Do you know why? That is because you have to monitor single set information and multiple ones. You learn about which phones, tablets, and mobile devices your site visitors are using the most. At what point in your site, they leave most of the time. How many minutes did each visitor spend on your site? Whatever it is, data interpretation becomes simpler with RWD. You will not need to read information from numerous reports to get a bigger and accurate picture of your website. It is also less time-consuming. The time that you can use to focus on your business, promote your products, start an email campaign, hire experienced employees, acquire clients, and so on. Therefore, if you do not have a responsive site, start designing one. It will make your job easy as well as improve your site’s performance.


Now that you know about the top benefits of RWD, take the plunge and design a site that is user and search engine friendly.

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