Mother’s day is celebrated all over the world in order to honor the mothers in our society and to make them feel special on their day and other wise. This day is celebrated in almost forty plus countries on different dates and days with a great enthusiasm to shower mothers with love and beautiful gifts.

On mother’s day, a number of shops, websites, bakeries and jewelry shops etc. come up with a number of ideas for mother’s day gifts for children to give to their mothers on this prestigious day. There are a number of gifts that one can give to their mothers on mother day, for instance:

  • Hershey’s chocolate bar for mothers
  • A pendant or a necklace
  • Rings
  • Dresses
  • Baskets with their favorite stuff
  • Cards


Free Photo Editor:

There are a number of shops that make beautiful mother’s day cards specially for this event. But you know what would make the gifts and the card more special? If you made it yourself and presented it to your mother. There is a website that has been designed especially for designing and creating new designs with a number of filters, text designs, frames and additional stuff to add on to your cards or designs or collages. The website goes by the name Fotor. They are also running a Mother’s Day Campaign, you can not only create cards through it but also you can win Foto Pro for Free. Fotor is a free photo editor.

Mother's Day Campaign

It is a fantastic tool on the off chance that you have some photographs on your PC that you’d like to resolve to canvas and put them up on your wall.  Fotor is loaded with picture upgrading instruments and channels to make pictures put their best self forward. It bolsters all the picture formats and types, and even gives RAW document handling which is an element you may hope to be available in the maximum photograph altering programming.

Fotor is also loaded with a single click function intended to improve your photos that are dependent on the conditions in which they were taken, and the subject.

Fotor offers a decent scope of picture apparatuses such as photo frame etc.

You can apply enhancements and include casings and outskirts, improve the presence of photographs and even get the sort of tilt and hazy impacts that you’d ordinarily need a costly camera to accomplish. Other than this it can also help to edit & enhance Facebook cover photo.

Why use Fotor to make Mother’s Day Gift?

Why use Fotor to make Mother’s Day Gift

With customized messages and greeting, Fotor’s card maker will enable you to make eye catching and attracting cards and photograph cards in a moment or two for the special occasion of mother’s day.

Fotor’s Mother’s Day card creator gives a one of a kind technique to you to pass on your customized messages. And show most loved photographs of you and your mother. Our variety of templates available for cards for Mother’s Day make it so easy and prompt to structure your very own welcome cards and photograph cards, that you can’t resist the urge to release your innovativeness and receive the rewards of this amazing card configuration highlight.

Following are some of the templates that can be used in order to create your own mother’s day card for your mother:

Mother's Day Fotor Template1

Mother's Day Fotor Template2

Mother's Day Fotor Template3

How to use Fotor to Make Mother’s Day Gift?

Making a card on Fotor, as mentioned above is the easiest task and can be done by everyone and anyone. In order to make a card for your mother this mother’s day, use Fotor and follow the guidelines mentioned below to put your creativeness and ideas on a paper and present it to your mother as a token of love. Following are the steps:

  • Open
  • You will find a Features option on the page. Click on it. A list of features will pop up in front of you. Choose the feature template

Mother’s Day Card:

  • Once you click on templates, you will be redirected to a page of templates and a thousand of them to choose from.
  • Click on the cards option.
  • Once you click on the cards option, a list will open in front of you. Click on the option of mother’s day card.
  • Once you click on mother’s day card, you will be directed towards a page that is packed with a number of card templates related to mother’s day and you can choose the once you like the most.
  • After choosing your desired template, you will be directed to a page where you can make changes to the card.
  • Click on edit this template and you will be directed to a page like the one attached below:


  • Now you can change the text, add your own pictures, change the background of the template. Also change colors and add frames and do whatever changes you like.

Mother’s Day Picture Editing:

  • You can also edit an already present picture to your liking and present it to your mother in a beautiful frame.

Mother's Day Picture Editing

  • Once your open the website you’ll see a page like this
  • Click on edit a photo
  • You will be directed towards a page

Mother's Day Page

  • You will be required to add your respective image. Then make whatever changes you like to your picture and save it
  • You can add all sorts of effects such as vignette, blur and resize it etc.

Photo Collage:

  • Making mother’s day collage has never been this easy
  • Once you open Fotor you will see an option as depicted in the picture above, make a collage. Click on it.
  • You will be directed towards the following page

Create New Work on Mother's Day

  • You may choose the types of design or template you want for your photo collage.

Mother's Day Photo Collage

  • Once you choose the design, you will be directed towards the following page attached above
  • You can choose the template according to the number of pictures you want in the collage. Add borders and frames and edit it according to your liking

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