Web vs. Mobile: What should your Business be Focusing on?

Web vs. mobile is still at large in the digital marketing industry, with developers, content writers and SEO’s still fighting for their chance to say what they believe is best. But what about if it isn’t a competition? Combing web and mobile can be of greater benefit to your brand, enabling you to reach your target audience in more than one way. We’re hearing from an Essex digital marketing agency on the topic, below.


When it comes to setting up a business or improving one that already exists, it can be difficult to determine whether web or mobile is more efficient for your brand. Ultimately, it depends on your target audience, their interests and the products (or services) you are offering. Despite the increase in mobile, having a strong presence on the web is just as important, helping to support your other marketing channels and enabling you to take advantage of SEO and PPC strategies. We’re taking a closer look, below.

Increased Sales:

One of the major benefits of having a website that has been optimized for SEO is increased sales. With a strong online business and around-the-clock availability, your customers can shop your products at any time, making it even more convenient for them to get their hands on some of their favorite items. Not only is this beneficial for people who work late or are unable to visit your physical store, but it means that more people will be able to find your brand through Search.

Reach A Wider Demographic:

Whilst some people are likely to search for your brand or a business term that is related to your company, others may come across your website by accident. Whilst anyone can walk past and into your store, people are often more curious online, clicking on websites to try and find the best product for their needs or offer to suit their budget. As a result, you can reach a much wider demographic on the internet and, when combined with social media, you can reach newer audiences too.

Build Credibility:

Depending on your industry, some of your competitors may not have a website – or one that works in users’ favor. As a result, by having a website, you’re actually building your businesses credibility, boosting your professionalism. As such, you can use your website to your full advantage, giving your competitors a run for their money. Having a blog that is regularly updated is just one way that you can step on their toes as you are providing insight and information that is unavailable on other websites. As such, your visitors are likely to become customers who keep coming back for more.

Attract The Right Audience:

In addition to a rise in sales and the ability to reach a wider demographic, a good website will attract the right audience. Ensuring that your website is suitable for your target audience is key when it comes to achieving a higher ROI. Firstly, you need to determine exactly who your target audience is including their age, location, interests and buying behavior, all of which will influence your strategy. Using this information, you can then create a design that is suitable to their needs. Essentially, the more you change your site to suit your audience, the more impressive the results will be!


The importance of having a strong presence on the web will never cease, but in recent years marketers have had no choice but to adapt to the increased use of handheld devices including various tablets and, more significantly, mobile. We’re taking a closer look at the importance of a mobile-optimized website and the use of downloadable apps, below.

Mobile-Optimized Website:

In order to attract a bigger audience, you need to make sure that your website has been optimized for mobile. In addition to improving the overall user experience of your site, ensuring that it is optimized for mobile will lead to a fast website load speed, helping you gain a competitive advantage. To make your website mobile-friendly, consider the readability of the text, whether any links are too close together and the time taken for a page to fully load.

Create Your Own App:

In addition to your website, you can consider building an app to further boost profits. One of the major benefits of having your own app available to download across an array of different devices is that it will provide more value to your customers, allowing them to access your product at any time. In turn, you will be able to better connect with your customers through standing out from the competition and informing users of the latest products and exclusive offers and discounts.

Improved Visibility:

Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly can help to improve your brands visibility. With the shift in how people search for products or services, more and more people are turning to mobile to seek reviews and inside information before making a decision on whether or not to go ahead with their next purchase.

Improve Brand Recognition:

By abiding to the above, you can improve your brands recognition as, believe it or not, some businesses are still not utilizing mobile to sell their products or services. So, whilst you may be a little bit behind on the trend, it is likely that you could still be one of the first to take the revolution to the next level within your industry. As a business owner or marketer, it is crucial to make sure that you remain up to date with the latest mobile updates and changes in order to ensure that your website is not holding your business back. When it comes to mobile vs. web, there is no one format that will help to propel your brand and website better than the other. However, by integrating the two, you can ensure that you have all areas covered, helping to ensure that your website is accessible to both web and mobile users. In turn, you will see an increase in sales in addition to the chance to boost awareness of your brand and more. How do you plan to get your website mobile ready?

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