5 Best Payroll Software That Fit Small Businesses

Employees are considered as the assets of an organization and paying them on time will result in high functioning team. This is where payroll software comes into play! It helps businesses in calculation of employees’ salaries by keeping various factors in mind. Some factors include taxes, attendance, logged in hours and many more.

Payroll software helps one in automating complete process of employee payment both for hourly as well as salaried employees. An effective payroll software expedites the entire procedure of releasing payments of employees and also eradicates errors. If you are in search of best payroll software for small business then this post is for you!

It’s better to look at few factors while choosing it. The core functionalities that one must look in payroll software incorporate automatic payment, mobile access, payroll reports and tax pay automatically.

It doesn’t matter whether a person is looking for free payroll software or they are ready to invest in it to avail full services; there are some better options for them that they can avail. This guide highlights 5 best payroll software that fit small businesses. Let’s have a look at them! Happy Reading!

Zenefits Payroll:

Zenefits Payroll Software

This software covers many other benefits that you wish to give to your employees. They have simple integrations that business owners can use. Simply, there are many integrations ranging from productivity, retirement saving, employee management, applicant tracking, travel to performance management. Below given are some features that are included in this payroll software:

  • Automated payroll reminders
  • Direct deposit
  • Informational paystubs
  • Pay for contractors
  • Multiple pay rates
  • Custom earning codes


sumHR Payroll Software

It’s another software that is designed particularly for small businesses. Some of its outstanding features are interactive and simple UI and single click payroll management.

This software offers ample features for effective payroll management. Let’s have a look at some of its features:

  • CTC management, calculations of income tax, bonus, reports, appraisal management
  • It automatically calculates reimbursements as well as expenses based upon attendance of employee and work duration
  • It eases the work of HR professionals and employees both
  • It emphases on collective employee engagement



This payroll software makes management of payroll a breeze. As per company’s guidelines, HR professionals can handle salaries break down, overhead CTC calculation, payroll cycles and so on.

Let’s have a look at some of its features:

  • This software is quite convenient that payroll operations of complete workforce can be easily managed
  • Its auto-synced with leaves as well as attendance. Any deductions will get calculated according to the policies.
  • Calculation of reimbursements, bonuses as well as incentives can be operated seamlessly with this software
  • Increment, as well as salary revisions, can be processed easily with this software


Gusto Payroll Software

It’s also the most popularly used payroll software appropriate for small businesses. They are specifically designed for serving small businesses. Gusto offer tools for managing core needs of HR like hiring, training, time tracking, onboarding and so on.

Below given are some features of this payroll software:

  • Automated payroll filings as well as tax payments
  • Direct deposit
  • Capability to run payroll throughout off cycle
  • Capability to gauge net-to-gross expenses
  • Access to paystubs for lifetime
  • Integrates with different other software like Boomr, Quickbooks, Freshbooks.
  • Reporting-tax payments, payroll history and so on



If you are in search of free payroll software for your business then Payroll4Free is the best choice that you can go for. It’s completely free for those who have less than 25 workers in their payroll. They can access all basic features that software offers at free of cost.

The basic features incorporate the below given capabilities:

  • Direct deposits
  • Tax calculations as well as forms
  • Vacation tracking
  • Payroll processing
  • Outside software integrations
  • Reporting
  • HR functions
  • Live customer support

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Payroll Software

  • Many free offers are generally for limited period or for limited no. of workers
  • Majority of offers incorporate essential features such as automated payroll, leave tracking, automated taxes; however, only few provide advanced features such as digital signatures, lifetime accounts etc.

Wrap Up:

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about the best payroll software’s for small business along with their features. Now, you have come across the best 5 payroll software’s, it’s the right time to decide which will fit best for your payroll requirements and business.

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