GIFs on Instagram: Drive Consumer Engagement for Business Growth

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As of now, Instagram is the darling of social media ambit for marketers. It’s not hard to decipher this part because at least 13% of the global population is on it. 80% of that 13% follow brands. Forrester states that you measure engagement by consumers’ likes, comments and shares. In Today’s Article we are going to discuss how GIFs on Instagram can drive Consumer Engagement and Fuel business Growth.

  • In addition to every commendable topline statistic, challenges are surfacing, pointing to a dimming marketing potential of Instagram due to inconsistent engagement rates and stiff competition from TikTok.
  • Presaging this backdrop, professional and proactive brands are looking for ways to enhance Instagram engagement and thwart setbacks.
  • You need to use some tricks to ensure your organic and paid marketing campaigns hit the bull’s eye.
  • You need to post consistently. Don’t preach but tell stories. Aim to cultivate a strong brand. Your feed should’ve visual consistency. Choose the right hashtags and build a branded hashtag.
  • Always concentrate on user-generated content and use GIFS extensively.

Research shows more users watch videos till the end only if they are 15 seconds or less. For marketers, it’s imperative to learn how to create and post GIFs. They have become more viable and appealing than pictures. You share them in both PNG and JPEG formats. They re more cost-effective and impressive than videos.

GIFs on Instagram: business intelligence

Trending your Branded GIFs on Instagram:

Everyone seeks results first. For new ad agencies, you know that although you can generate results, you don’t have the case studies or immediate resources to show proof. A branded hashtag can work wonders in this regard. You can take to your own brand to showcases your prowess.

GIFs have become the favorite and most trusted content medium for definite reasons. You may hire a video grapher and record in a green screen. You can edit with yellow background because it’s a sweet color that most people don’t use extensively.

  • The steps are easy. You cut the videos into 5 second clips. Do a composite hashtag research on the Emotional Graph and Giphy on Tenor.
  • You can upload many GIFs to GIPHY on your personal page. You may use a branded partner profile/page, depending on your target audience. You have sites like Gramista to provide organic followers.
  • Re-upload the images to Tenor with compelling hashtags. As a marketer, use your name to simply your search later on.
  • You can start messaging your pals on FB messenger and Telegram. How easy was that?

With the correct hashtags and SEO, it doesn’t take much time to attain the top trending spot with your GIF.

The Galaxy of Stickers:

Every IG Story’s native part is the sticker. While not indispensable, they provide captivating elements that propel people to keep watching a Story. Using them is very easy. You take a picture and select the smiley icon on top. Users can then have limitless options such as static graphics, GIFs, local weather information, location, polls, and info and more.

  • So why should business use stickers? IG stickers, whether graphics or stickers, provide a different social media experience altogether. Static, flat images are a bygone era.
  • Stickers enable users to customize and curate their social sharing activities. Through GIFs, you can also express personal affinities, affiliations and interests.
  • For businesses, stickers provide the bandwidth to brand your content and boost user experience in the app. It also offers brands the scope to utilize pop culture and current events to provide relevant and trending social media additions that display your business stamp.
  • It’s not difficult to create IG stickers. The first step is creating your Giphy account and verify your brand.
  • The second step, as you already know, is to make GIFs. You upload them to your Giphy account.
  • The thirst step is to test your GIF and then spread the message about your IG stickers.

 On GIF Marketing:

GIFs in email are a very good way to boost your business. Almost client email software tools support GIFs. So, instead of adding a threadbare static image, embed a GIF in your newsletter. It can surely make your email marketing more robust and exciting.

  • GIFS are also very handy in illustrating products. As much as full-length video propels individuals to purchase more, not every brand has the budget and bandwidth to produce an HD video.
  • Still photos of your product will only highlight a one-dimensional standpoint.
  • GIFs are a superb way to counter and cure such deficiencies. The tiny videos don’t require much money or effort in production.
  • GIFs also provide great sneak peeks. New products must have that hype around them. Live events and announcements are the best method. Mysterious, shrouded, veiled pictures are viable tools too. GIFs provide a similar but more dynamic and variable touch to this concerned practice.
  • Product functionality is another crucial aspect. GIF’s seamlessness and variability aren’t confined to just displaying a location or nice-looking item in your travel or fashion packages.
  • You can show what the product does and how. This is more important for products that have technical or/and obscure functioning.
  • You might manufacture a complex piece of technology, involving a range of mechanical parts working in unison and cohesion.
  • GIFs can be very insightful with all these things. A car engine is an example in this regard.

Reviving your IG Stories with GIFs:

The first step is to create a new Story. You just need to click on your profile image, which is there on your page’s top left corner. Upload or make a video or photo. To incorporate GIFs on Instagram, you must upload or make a video or photo from your gallery.

  • You need to tap on the sticker icon. After choosing a photo or video, click on the concerned Sticker icon.
  • Select the concerned GIF option on IG. You need to remember that it will appear on the stickers’ first screen.

Search the GIFs on Instagram you want to use. You need to use the search bar on top to get the type of GIF you want. You can add the same to your gallery. Check what iPhone does with GIFs to get clarity in this regard.

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