Keyword Rank Checker Tools to Check Website Rankings

Implementation of SEO tactics is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a complex area of study that includes various factors upon which it greatly depends. Not all Search Engines have similar parameters, but as far as Google is concerned, its search results greatly depend upon the optimization of potential keywords in a certain niche. For a little background, keywords are merely a set of words or phrases that an internet user enters for searching a specific thing. Keyword Rank Checker Tools have major role in Search Engine Optimization. To those who are new in SEO Field we are here going to mention some rank checker tools for them.

People do all types of searches, from “Doritos” to “Weather Conditions in Savannah,” it could be literally anything. So, it’s very important for website owners to structure their content carefully around the competitive and potential keywords that exist in their geographical region. This process of researching and coming up with the right kind of keywords is termed as Keyword Research. This is a very crucial step in building good SEO and ensuring that your website gets a top position in organic search results. 

Understanding the Role of Keyword Rank Checker Tools:

Keyword Rank Checker Tools

The process of keyword research begins with identifying words and phrases that are relevant to a website and frequently used by internet users in a specific area. During the positioning phase, website owners strategically incorporate these keywords into the titles of blogs or articles, as well as within various sections such as headings, subtitles, Meta tags, and the main body.

Here comes the need for a Google rank checker that comprehensively analyses whether the keywords used are in competition or not. They also check if the number of times a keyword used is potent enough to make the content appear on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

The great thing about a Google rank checker is that it can be used to analyze the performance of nearly any website irrespective of the fact that it belongs to you or not. By merely providing relevant keywords and domains, you are good to go on checking the rank of any website. The results are displayed in the form of numerals telling on which number a website stands on SERP. Thus, if your rank is not good, you can definitely use some other keyword in your niche and improve your site’s SERP. A Google rank checker is a good way to work on SERPs that is made possible by powerful online software. This can certainly not be achieved by manual efforts. Hence, it is good to go for online software rather than depending upon yourself to analyze progress manually. 

Some Top Keyword Rank Checker Tools:

You can find a bundle of keyword position tracker tools on the internet. Sticking to only the top ones should be your priority to get an honest and accurate ranking of your site. If you don’t know about such credible tools, you can consider the following options. These are really the best rank checker online.


Sitechecker is a multifunctional SEO tool with which you can constantly improve and control the quality level of your site. One of its functionalities allows you to analyze search results, by keywords, and see the top 10 words or phrases for your site. This tool allows you to analyze the GEO in which your site is ranked for a particular keyword, how many times users searched for a particular keyword over the past 12 months, the position of the keyword in the ranking, and the cost per click.

2. SearchEngineReports:

This is one of the best tools to get fast and highly accurate results. This free of cost and the easily accessible online tool has a very simple interface. Thus, users find no difficulty in using it. You can access this tool with the URL: On the top of the webpage, you will be required to enter details like domain, search engine, competitor domain, and keywords. This tool allows a maximum of 10 keywords that can be analyzed for a certain domain in one try. The best thing about this tool is that it is packed with many other offers like keyword trends and volume that come handy for getting more comprehensive feedback. This Google rank checker is also mobile-friendly and performs just the same as on a desktop.

3. SmallSEOTools:

This is also a very good free web tool that allows you to assess your website’s ranking for up to 10 keywords. In order to do this, the users are required to state the relevant domain and search engine. This Google rank checker works perfectly well for all kinds of devices like desktop, Android, Mac, et cetera. It is really easy to use, and has a very easy to use interface. This tool only works on the internet. No installation or offline mode performance is possible. It is available in multiple different languages that users can easily set according to their choice.

4. DupliChecker:

This Google rank checker is again free of any kind of charges. You can easily find it on the internet and check the ranking of your site without any difficulty. Just like the above mentioned tools, there are certain requirements of this web tool. As well if somebody wants to assess the rank of their website. These four basic requirements include inserting the domain, search engine, maximum of 10 keywords, and the competitor domain. And that’s it! You are good to go on getting super accurate results within a matter of seconds. 


Maintaining a good position on SERP is something that must be done smartly. In this, taking help from relevant web tools is a must. Here you cannot rely on manual efforts alone. A Google rank checker is great in this regard that tells the rank of a website based on keywords it uses in the content. The above-mentioned options are excellent Google rank checkers that provide super-accurate results.

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