Top 5 Tips to Enhance Your Brand's UX

Ever wonder what it needs to drive more traffic to your website and make an impactful digital presence? Well, the answer is simple, work on enhancing your brand’s user experience. In the world of digital marketing, UX web design is the most powerful tool than any other digital marketing strategies. Rapidly changing digital marketing strategies can make your website look outdated and might make it difficult for you to cope up with the contemporaries, thus, it requires you to keep a constant check and balance and invest in the up-gradations of your websites as per the user requirement.

Therefore, here are the top five tips, that will help you boost up your website traffic by enhancing your brand’s User Experience:

1. Knowing What is UX?

In order to give a better user experience, you must know what the term is actually designated for. When we talk about enhancing the UX, we mean that what can we further do to make a website or a mobile application more pleasing, interesting and easy to be used. This means working on to make your digital platform user-friendly. For example, have you ever wondered why android phones are widely popular all around the world? It is because of their yet appealing interfaces and the convenience to use them. No matter what version of android you are using, you can easily learn to operate it effortlessly. Knowing what the demand of you your target audience is and through what means can you implement that on your digital platform will surely lead your brand to success. Make sure to do research about it first and then start working over it to have amazing outcomes i.e. boosting up your brand’s User Experience.

2. Boosting up Page Speed:

Brand's User Experience

To be honest, we live in an age where no one likes to wait for your website to load the content. People have no patience and time to wait for any such inconvenience. Optimize your page speed for users to have a smooth and pleasing experience while using it so they must consider coming back to it. You can improve your page speed by using the correct formats of images such as PNG and JPEG are best suited for this purpose. Remove all the unnecessary codes from your website. another way to improve page speed is to improve your server response time by using a content distribution network that can be used as a host for your website. There are many tools available on the web that can enable you to check and boost up your page speed. Enhancing page speed will have a great impact on your user experience.

3. Using Images Effectively:

Visuals are what matter more than the content and help to keep the audience engaged. Images are what mostly lowers your page loading speed. Therefore, use images effectively instead of uploading a bundle of them.  Choose well-captured images, or modify the images using different techniques. For example, if you are a clothing brand, focus more on the images that are on the home page. Likewise, do not bombard a page with a product’s picture, rather focus on the quality and see if all the details that a customer wants to see are visible on it or not.

Use imagery to promote your brand and make sure that it is coherent with your products. Avoid unnecessary and irrelevant images because they might confuse and distract your customers. Do not use heavy images because they can be a great hindrance for the page speed. Overusing imagery and uploading lots of them on every single page will just be boring for the users. Make sure to use imagery effectively by using it selectively and perfectly.

4. Formatting Your Content Wisely and Keeping it Precise:

Not every user is a reader. You will hardly find any person who prefers to read a long paragraph for the product descriptions. Rather everyone wants to see a well-organized, simple yet vivid and precise content. Segment your content as per the amount of it. For example, if you are writing a description for one of your products make sure to give it in bullets and use specific and accurate terms so that the users can get the desired information the moment, they read it. There are several cool and unconventional icons available that you can use as bullets or other purposes to make your interface look more interesting.

5. Keeping Consistency Intact:

By consistency, we mean that you must keep all the things like headings, fonts, icons images and every single thing on the page theme that must be coherent with your brand’s style statement. Do not opt for drastic changes in order to optimize or modify your site because the users must not feel like an alien if they get back to your site. Go for minor changes that can help to give a new look to your site but do not change the sequence of pages or other essentials and core content of your website and keep the functionality of your website simple and easy to be used. In order to give your user a pleasant and seamless experience, you must focus on keeping the consistency intact.

Final Thoughts:

These five tips will surely help you revamp your website effortlessly and will help to make it more user-friendly. Having an impactful digital presence in a technological age like today is vital for your business to flourish. It is easy to create a website, but it takes a lot of hard work, consistency, and creativity to make it more user-friendly and stand out among all of the contemporaries. Follow the popular digital marketing trends but don’t let them undermine the signature style of your brand. Keep a constant check and do the up-gradations as per the user’s feedback. Investing in enhancing your brand’s user experience will surely help you reap more profit and your brand will get recognition in the digital marketing landscape. Grow to keep your business in the flow!

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