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Gain Money Online As a Developer by Reselling MilesWeb Hosting

It is not easy to run a web design and development business. There are loads and thousands of websites being developed every day because the new companies are looking forward to create their presence online quickly. Therefore, there are several opportunities opened for web designers and developers. But if you are wondering How to Gain Money without much of the efforts in addition to your web design and development business then keep reading this post.

With the tough competition in this industry, if you really want to stand out from others, then offering them additional services will help you do so. Lets find out How to Make Money Online while reselling web-hosting.

It’s obvious that those who are building a website will also need web hosting services and domain. So instead of referring them to a web hosting provider, selling them these services will make you a one-stop-shop for website building.

You can start a web hosting business with cheap reseller hosting easily with much less funding and that too without spending on any additional workspace or team. Reseller hosting is one of the Top ways to make money online.

Let’s See the Steps to Sell Web Hosting Services:

Analyze Your Requirement:

First, identify the number of clients whom you want to offer web hosting. By doing this, you will know the number of resources you will need for your reseller account. Also, this will ease the process of choosing the plan from so many options.

Choose the Best Web Hosting Company:

Be cautious while selecting a web hosting company, because this is a crucial step of your web hosting reseller business.

Consider the below things while picking the best reseller hosting:

With so many web hosting providers in the market, choosing the best one might be a challenging task. We will help you by advising a provider that is reliable and won’t let you down.

You must have heard a lot about MilesWeb on the Internet already. In the later part of this article, we will give you a brief about its web hosting plans that you can resell. If you want to make money online today, MilesWeb reseller hosting is the best way.

Choose Your Plan:

Once you decide your web hosting partner, go through the range of the reseller plans that they offer. Select the plan that suits your requirement and then place the order.

Promote Your Business:

After setting up your web hosting reseller business, you need to seize leads and close maximum sales.

Based on your budget, competencies, and experience, you may pick the advertising and marketing channels for you. Some of the useful media to deliver your advertising message to potential clients are social media, search engine optimization, and e-mail advertising.

Additionally, you can also attempt PPC or different advertising alternative for generating quick business.

Now that you know a way to start a web hosting reseller business, let’s see why picking MilesWeb will be beneficial for you.

About MilesWeb:

Established in the year 2012, MilesWeb currently has its presence in all the different nations. They cater to their clients will all sorts of website hosting requirements. Currently, they have got a customer base of 16K+ and are well known for their technical support. Since they offer awesome and first-class web hosting they had been awarded with many review sites for their reliability, performance, security, and customer support.

They offer the best performance with SSD servers and ensure that every internet site hosted on their servers get a free SSL. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to solve the troubles that their clients face. Your site stays up most of the time as they assure uptime of 99.95%.

Features of Reseller Hosting Plans:

Features of Reseller Hosting:

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Pricing:

MilesWeb offers 4 different plans under reseller hosting.  Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The Bronze Plan Consists of:

Silver Plan:

Gold Plan:

Platinum Plan:

MilesWeb Review:

Here are some feedbacks that are given by the clients of MilesWeb on the popular review sites:

Final Words:

You can see that MilesWeb gives the entire reseller web hosting capabilities which are truly essential. Also, you get free site migration and free SSL with their reseller hosting plans. This makes it easy for you to begin with your personal web hosting reseller business. So, be your own boss by means of starting your web hosting reseller business with MilesWeb and earn money online.

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