Essential SEO Trends In 2020

The online searching methods keep changing because of google’s updates it’s a search algorithm. Understanding google’s algorithm is a glitch for individuals. Regardless, the basic keywords never change, conversely, other things are in the loop of the continuous changing process. However, in the following article, we will discover the Essential SEO trends, therefore, you can adapt for your any digital business and simply embed it.

Moreover, this never-ending changing process left a negative effect on your SEO marketing strategy simultaneously. You don’t have any other options left except to embrace the latest change, this is why you need to keep updating yourself with trends or get a piece of mandatory advice from SEO experts in order to cope up with the latest keywords and algorithms.

With the help of prominent content, you can actually gain the trust of customers/visitors and the credibility for your eCommerce website theme, app or even for your video on YouTube.

Important SEO Trends For 2020:

1.Zero Click Search:

This feature is specifically called featured snippets. Google has introduced this section to get a piece of information on the main wall in the form of an answer box without having to click on the given link. Certain media elements and paid ads feature in this answer box for users without them visiting a multifarious link on the Google search engine.

A recently updated data provided information about the majority of the google searches around 50.33% ended up on a zero-click search result. Subsequently, the search engine received around 45.25% clicks/searches with organic links. People nowadays don’t want any interruption in their content whether they are on Google or on YouTube. People have become smart now so they have AdBlock enabled on their desktop. Only mobile users can be able to get ads now so, according to data only 4.42% searchers found clicks with ads.

Long-tail embedded keywords that answer exclusive questions particularly increase Featured Snippets. If you want to rank your snippets on the featuring wall of Google all you have to do is use appropriate keywords and questions.

2.Voice Search:

Essential SEO Trends - Voice Search

Since Amazon has introduced Alexa, now it has become easier for people to search for anything on the internet as it becomes a part of the household. Even though more than 19% of smartphone owners are also utilizing Google Voice to search anything in general.

People are talking with their digital modules just like they are talking with normal people. “Ok, Google what are the best Prestashop themes?” Or “Alexa, suggest me free Shopify themes”. Such types of searches are in the common language. All in all, it means you can simply optimize SEO trends in a common language for voice searches and see your growth rising on the voice search bar.

Speaking of which, Google is getting more than 35,000 queries for each second and every year this count is growing exponentially. According to some sources, they forecasted that more than 50% of all searches will be in a Voice Search. Moreover, more than 42% of elders/adults are depending on Voice Search as well.

So, basically voice search has a miraculous potential on the search engine to search for anything regarding users’ needs. All you have to do is localize the words and optimize them in a better way like “Free Laravel templates” to accomplish a better result.

3.The Update of BERT:

Google’s algorithm is a glitch. Google keeps updating its algorithm every year in order to serve highly standard and advisable content to users. In a very serious term of the update, Google comes up with BERT in 2019.

BERT is simply decoded as Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It certainly helps google to understand what is in the context of sentences and serve better results to users.

In a recent update, Artificial-intelligence powered BERT, digital modules can easily understand the search written in a more human language or even understand more than a human ever does and deliver better and sophisticated results ever on the screen.

One of the major things, every SEO trends expert should perceive that you can’t optimize BERT. All you have to do is improve your website and add more content as much as you can from time to time in order to give your customers the best user experience.

4.Visual Search:

Sometimes visuals describe more than the words ever do. Human consciousness and subconscious rely on visual content to some extent. In addition, sometimes it becomes hard to describe in words what exactly we called that thing we see visually. It is a more time-consuming process to find relevant words for that visual thing.

The world is now in a digital era, so companies are also expanding rapidly on their visual search result. Such visual search products like Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, Bing Visual Search, eBay & Amazon Image Search are the top visual search platforms.

Visual Search brings so many opportunities in e-commerce. However, These platforms are astronomically using prominent and well-optimized content for visual search. Let’s take the example of Google Lens. The visual optimization of the Google lens is so ingenious. The search bar can distinguish anything you point at in a matter of time.

Visual search is in a leading process, it can not be taken over text search immediately. Nevertheless, it is a utilitarian alternative if you are finding difficulties to search in the text. If you want to boost up your ranking in Google or on Pinterest, you should probably list all the products and it’s images accordingly and fully optimize.

5.YouTube Videos:

YouTube Videos

Running images for a limited time = Videos”. Who in the world doesn’t like to watch videos? If you search anything on Google, videos are also showing up on the wall as it becomes an initial part of it. Although videos are one of the most significant parts of SEO trends optimization and digital marketing to get introduced to your product with the help of video.

Creating a channel on Youtube and posting videos through time-to-time is the best way to stay in the loop with your customers. Even on Youtube, SEO plays a gigantic role in your channel and videos. Youtube provides a call to action process. It highly depends on you, how much suspense can you create in your videos, therefore, your customers become eager to check your website.

You should probably know that your videos are well-optimized. What your channel is all about, and also your video as well.  The Youtube algorithm works on what you are interested in to see. It requires a better SEO and description so that it can properly reach out to your target audiences.

6.SEO for Mobile:

Mobile/Smart Phones. Google has improved its mobile search experience. As per reports, every 2nd person in this world owns a smartphone, it means more than 85% of users are on mobile phones and using every possible internet thing through this little digital module. In the near time, smartphones will surpass the number of users of the internet through a computer.

In addition, a website that doesn’t have a mobile version could lose the number of customers. You have to use responsive UX moreover, the HTML code and content will be the same for the mobile site.

You are providing content to less screen space, all the things are depending on the UI & UX particularly conversely, you have to be more genuine with Title, Description and Meta tag.

The local search optimizer also plays a big part in it. If your business has local quid then, you can optimize content for local search so that your business can be found easily

7. Length of Content:

Length of Contents

Many would argue that the ideal length of your content is this or that much longer. Conversely, no matter how much longer your content is, Google highly depends on which topic it is, How much appropriate words are used in it and do users really engage with your content or not.

For example, if one post has 2000 words but readers aren’t engaging with it therefore, there is no point for that post or content. On the other hand, if your post has only 700-800 words and it actually gets readers’ attention then it would probably be the work of your uniqueness in your particular moment.

Sometimes, readers want some uniqueness in the post. Create some hype with the help of suspense and write like you are talking with them it is the best way to engage with your audience. Writing only given information drives to boredom and readers will lose their engagement with it. Become more creative and play with words.


In the end, technology is emerging on an endless journey. Some fallible things are yet to be discovered but the things which are feasible and can be changed are still in our hands and become revolutionary for the upcoming digital market.

The things which I said to you in this post are the essential and core thing now it’s your time to enforce it into your business. You can start with any one of these and accomplish the goal that you set it for your business to grow with well-driven SEO optimizing.

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  1. Conclusion: Create some hype with the help of suspense and write like you are talking with them it is the best way to engage with your audience.

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