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What exactly is a cold call email? Much like a simple cold call, it’s the same only in email format. The intent of cold calling, whether it be email or by phone, is to get in touch with a client or customer who has never bought or used your product or service before. The purpose of either is to introduce your product to a person to tell them how it can be of use to them to help solve their business problems.The purpose of a cold call email is not to give a sales pitch, but to gauge their interest in the benefits your product or service may bring them. The success of cold emailing depends on how well you execute your email. But how can you make your cold call email better? Here are some tips on writing a cold call email people will actually open.

“Wow” Your Prospect with an Interesting Cold Call Email Subject Line:

Make the Best First Impression on Your Prospect:

Woman Using Laptop - A Cold Call Email

Subject lines are important for any type of email but especially for a cold call email. This will be the first impression your prospects will have of you. If your subject line is boring or feels spammy, your prospect will likely delete the email without even looking. Here’s what you can do with your subject lines in your cold call emails to increase your open rate:

  • Add a touch of personalisation. Adding in personalisation into your subject line is one of the top ways to help your emails feel less spammy. Include their name or company name for a more eye-catching email subject. If you know a mutual connection or go to the same conferences, feel free to connect those dots in a way that’s relevant.
  • Use short subject lines. Shortening your subject line makes the email feel more conversational and less like a sales pitch. Plus, most emails are read on mobile devices now, so a shorter email subject line for your cold call emails is more likely to fit the screen the fewer the words you use.
  • Keep subject lines casual. Try sending a subject line like you would to a friend or family member. While, yes, your subject line should convey professionalism, you can also have a little bit of fun with it to make sure it’s interesting enough to open.
  • Don’t use clickbait subject lines. If you include a clickbait headline just to get someone to open your email but the content doesn’t match, you’ve already lost the trust of that lead.
  • Be genuine and useful. If you take a step back and ask yourself, “would I open this email?” and you say no, consider writing a new subject line. You need to make an impact with your subject line to even gain the consideration of your prospect.

Write an Introduction That Will Set Your Cold Call Email Apart:

Hook Your Prospect With a Successful Introduction:

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Think of your email introduction in a similar way as an elevator pitch—only way shorter. You have about 2-3 sentences to hook your prospect and get them to read beyond the first couple lines. This introduction should not be about you or the company you work for, or the product or service you’re trying to sell. Rather, the introduction should focus on the prospect and their company or accomplishments. They don’t really care about your company, but they do care about themselves, their company, and the problems their company faces. Do a little research before writing out your cold call email introductions to show the prospects they were precisely chosen. This adds credibility to your email, making them much more likely to continue reading.

Set Up Your Value Proposition:

Let Your Prospects Know How You Can Help Them:

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After an interesting introduction that encourages the prospect to continue reading, you’ll need to tell them why exactly you’re reaching out to them. In your cold call email, put your prospect at the center of your value proposition rather than yourself, your company, or your product. Here, you’ll want to focus on your prospect’s main issue and how you can help. You don’t have to include all of your product features and what makes your product so great. Instead focus on how your prospect will benefit from your product.

End Your Cold Call Email with a Strong CTA:

Encourage Your Prospects To Take Action:

Woman on the phone using computer - A Cold Call Email

The purpose of a cold call email is diminished without a strong call-to-action. Your email should leave the prospect with a clear, actionable next step after reading so you know whether they’re interested or not. Make sure your request is not a huge ask. Start small and work your way up to a more committed action. Here’s how to write a strong CTA that will encourage your prospect to actually take action.

  • From your perspective, know what the goal of your email actually is. Understanding what your goal is will be the best way to write a clear CTA so that the recipient understands what you want them to do.
  • Make it clear and specific. Whether you’re asking to set up a call, asking for feedback, or trying to connect professionally in any way, make sure the prospect knows exactly what they need to do to take action and complete those steps.
  • Don’t use the cold call email to immediately make a sale. A cold call email is really just meant to gauge interest in your product, not close a sale. Get to know your lead before you pitch them a sale.
  • Test your CTAs. If you’re just starting out writing a cold call email or you’re trying to revamp your cold call email technique, don’t be afraid to test out different versions of CTAs in your emails. Try performing an A/B test to see which CTAs get the most replies.

A cold call email has the potential to bring in valuable new leads or get deleted before it’s even opened, depending on how much effort you decide to put into it. Take the time to write personal, thoughtful emails to your prospects and see how many more leads you get.

Have any tips for writing a successful cold call email? Let us know in the comments.

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