How To Boost Traffic To Your Estate Agency Website

For most real estate websites, the landing pages are the listings that search engines have indexed. It can help to provide a variety of opportunities for receiving entry points into the website. It is significant for sellers in the real estate industry to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Sellers want to get people viewing their propositions so that their services would sell better. As a result, brokers and real estate agents are under pressure for good search rankings and to boost traffic, where many people begin their property searches.

The listings with real estate propositions are not only filled with the propositions of properties, but also they have to inform about trends in the industry to attract new customers. We’ve prepared for you some tips to boost traffic, so here you can find plenty of useful options for your consideration. Particularly, we will present 9 efficient ways to improve your website rankings and, as a result, to boost traffic.

1. Share your website on social media:

To make your website popular, post relevant information about your business on Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. All of the mentioned networks can easily share the information through links, doing many parts of the work for you.

2. Promotion through real estate popular websites:

There are various giant real estate websites such as Trulia, Zillow, Homes, where you can receive millions of visitors a day and increase the website’s visibility. Do not forget to monitor traffic and measure it with such services as Google Analytics.

3. Create a video tour of the proposed property:

Each visitor will find a variety of benefits with your real estate when you present video tours. Moreover, videos can help to gain search engine traction since videos are indexed. Therefore, we recommend double-checking the address, description, and title of the video. It is necessary to include a link exactly to a proposition with the property and direct visitors to the relevant page instead of forcing them to search again.

If you are selling exclusive and luxurious property, you will need to do your best and make a small video presentation to demonstrate all the advantages. Such a presentation will build more trust and capture the attention of a potential buyer.

4. Target local keywords:

To boost traffic to your website, you need to focus on keyword phrases and find the most appropriate. For example, many people begin their search with a local keyword phrase such as “Florida real estate”. Make sure you can optimize all the terms, and they appear throughout the website in order to drive more real estate website traffic.

5. Blogging:

Boost Traffic through Blogging

We recommend keeping a news blog and update it regularly on your real estate websites. High-quality content will help you to become a powerful company in the market. So, you need to develop a plan where you present all interesting themes to your audience of potential buyers and sellers. Also, you need to post the latest information about the prices and tendencies in the real estate market of your community, city, or country.

6. Add reviews and testimonials:

Consumers like reading online reviews and personal recommendations. It would help if you made the reviews and testimonials the visible components of your site. However, you will need to work to attain the clients’ reviews. We advise involving the feedbacks in your routine marketing plan. Each time you have a deal, ask your client to give feedback about your mutual work, especially about the quality of the service and trust to your company and employees. If it could be a problem for a client, you can propose to have a phone call or email exchange to make things easy.

7. Mobile-responsive site:

Many clients prefer searching for real estate with their mobile phones or tablets, so you need to adapt it to any mobile device by width and height based on the screen size. It is better to make the design of the mobile version less complicated than a desktop version because the mobile version is all about simplicity. Be sure that the mobile version involves a function to save their favorite properties to their account. We recommend adding these features:

  • saving the favorite property to the account;
  • watching a video presentation about the property;
  • adding a click-to-call button to help your customer contact your company right away;
  • add an auto-locate feature, and your customer can use this function to find properties in the nearest area without even typing their address;
  • add a map with a company’s location on it so that your visitors can easily find a way to your office.

8. Use QR codes:

To popularize the website and attract new clients, you can also use offline marketing tools such as ads in newspapers and yard signs. We recommend paying special attention to the QR code because when you are capturing leads with the help of QR code, you can capture many leads from it, the ROI is high. So, you will need to shorten your URLs and, after that, create the QR code, which can be easily scanned with mobile devices.

9. Use paid search ads:

You can use a pay-per-click ad that will also help to drive traffic for a certain page. This type of advertisement is efficient if your listings are similar in price and type. You can easily target the ad, but if you have a variety of listings with different types of dwelling, you need to opt for a few ad targeting and create different landing pages for each property type.


We have prepared for you several useful tips to boost traffic to your estate agency website. Let’s recap the main of them:

  • check and update the information on your website regularly;
  • share the latest news with your friends and communities on social media;
  • use paid search ads;
  • present videos and high-quality descriptions of the properties.

Real estate is a highly expansive industry, so you need to keep an ear to the ground to have an opportunity and time to adapt to new trends.

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