Types Of Error Messages Found On Your Android Device

Types Of Error Messages Found on your Android Device

There are many types of error messages found on Android devices, but before that, we need to understand what types of error messages are? An error message is displayed on the screen when an incorrect instruction is given. Or an error resulting from faulty hardware or software. These errors can be resolved by following proper instructions. Are you fed up with these constant error messages you get on your phone? In this article by TechWhoop, we have listed all the constant error symbols. And messages you get, and their solutions. But, before that, we need to understand different types of possible outcomes that can be displayed on android devices.

Some of the possible errors and their solutions are :

Types of Error Messages
Some of the possible errors and their solutions are

 1. App not Installed:

This is a very common error message that anyone can encounter using an Android device; this message is shown when a person tries to download the same app installed on the machine again by using a third-party site. For example, a person is trying to download a game that is already installed on his device. Still, he wishes to download a different version of the game using a third-party application. Or a website other than the version available on the play store, and this error can be encountered. This error can be easily resolved by uninstalling the previously downloaded application before running the application the person wants to install. In this way, the person can download the desired version of the same application.

2. Uninstall the Harmful App:

This error message can be encountered when a particular application is not working properly and can be harmful to the device. Mostly these error messages are regarding the apps downloaded from third-party sites. This error can be resolved by simply uninstalling the application, clicking the popup error message, and selecting the “keep anyway” option. This will keep your existing application, and the error message will not show again.

3. App Stopped Working:

This error is shown when any particular application stops working while the user is using it. Or when trying to access the application. This error happens when the application servers are down, or the application is causing some problems to the device. This issue can be very annoying for the user. Still, it can be resolved easily by uninstalling the application and downloading it again from the play store or any third-party site. We can also try clearing the data of the application in the settings.

4. Network Error:

Sometimes network error pops up, and the user cannot make or receive calls even when the person has full network connectivity. This issue can be easily resolved by turning on and off the airplane mode; this helps to refresh the network. But if this doesn’t work, we can try to restart our Android device.

5. SMS Not Sent:

Sometimes, when sending SMS to anyone, the error message pops up saying that the message was not sent. This can happen because of network issues or sim/account balance. There are multiple ways to resolve this problem. The user can check their existing network plans to ensure the plan is not expired and is active. If the goal is active and the message is still not received by the other person, we can try to refresh the network by turning on and off the airplane mode. We can also remove corrupt files in its cache directory by clearing the app cache in the settings. Moreover, we can also check the SMS permission of the messaging app by going into the app’s setting to check if it’s enabled or disabled.

6. Unable to Connect the Camera:

This error message can pop up while the user is trying to access the camera application. This can happen because of a glitch. But, this issue can be easily resolved by restarting the device and then accessing the camera application.

7. Sim Card not Detected:

This is a common issue that can be faced by many users in which the device is not able to detect the sim card which is already in the device. This error can be resolved by checking the position of the sim card in the sim tray to check if it’s correctly positioned and then checking the network status by turning on the phone again.

8. USB OTG (on the go) Not Detected:

OTG is a device that is used to connect pen drives and other external storage devices directly to the android device. Sometimes, the android devices cannot detect the OTG and cannot transfer files. This error can be solved by checking the correct position of the OTG in the android device, and if the issue is still not resolved, we should restart the phone and try again.

Thus, here are the different types of error messages found on our android device and the simple and easy methods to resolve the errors.

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