Image optimization is the process of reducing the file size of your image as much as possible. When you are using any image on your site you should use it in compress. Without sacrificing the quality your page load many times remains low.

When you have any large picture on your site it takes a lot of time to load your website. It is also about SEO. That is getting your product images and decorative images to rank you high in Google and also it is very beneficial for the image search engine.

Image optimization is very important because it depends on your page load time. UN optimized images can make the working of your website very slow and clunky like nothing else. Your users expect your sites to load very quickly.

Optimizing your images helps the users to ensure a better experience with your website. If your website will be according to the user requirement then it fulfills the user’s expectations. Your website will be considered the best website if it fulfills the requirements of the users.

People visit the website again and again if they got their required records at a time.

Image optimization techniques:

Here are some important techniques that must be followed to run a website. If you want a lot of visitors to your website you should follow these image optimization techniques:

  • You should use correct image dimension. You have to use an image that is sized exactly or at least close to the size that is finally declared.
  • use the correct image format.
  • Compress your images.
  • Use progressive JPEG format.
  • Optimize the image delivery.

These are the important tips for image optimization you need to know.

Tips for image SEO optimization:

When you are adding some images to your website you want to make sure to use the best file type. Choosing the right format is the most important thing that must be followed to complete the optimized record.

Here are many image formats that can be used to optimize images on your website. PNG and JPEG are the most common formats that can be used for the web.

The PNG format can produce better quality images but it can be used with large file size.

When you use the JPEG format you may lose your image quality. But you can also adjust the quality level to find a good balance.

The web P file format is the only format supported by both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

But when you are using the .jpg format inside an inline SVG format Google systems cannot index it. So you should aware of all the formats and specifications.  

Stunning mesh gives you details about the basic formats and their specifications. It is the stunning mesh that you know about all tips of SEO image optimization.

Compress your images:

Compressing your images is the most important thing. As it notices that images take 21% of a total webpage weight. It means you should use compressed images when you are uploading them on your website.

You can compress your images with the help of Photoshop software. Also, you can use different tools to compress your image like Tiny PNG.

Ting PNG also has a word press plugin you can use too. It also can be used to compress your images.

Create Unique Images:

If you want that your website will be ranked high then you should use different records on your website. There are too many websites available on the internet. Every website contains different images on it.

You should use unique images like no other website use them. If you are thinking about a cooperating website then you must have provided the customer better services. While you have your stock images perfectly optimized it won’t have the same impact on the SEO benefits as it is original and high-quality images.

Customize image file name:

When you are following the SEO image optimization tools you should use the customized image file name. The image file name should be unique and descriptive. It must clear the concept of the image but it should be unique as compared to the other images.

Image file name alerts the Google and searches engine crawlers as to the subject matter of the image. Image subject clearly mention the subject of your image. Normally files names will look like IMG-234567 or something else like that. It is just like ordering from a menu in different languages.

SEO image optimization File structure: 

Google updates its image Guideline. Website users must know about the new updates and the image file structure that is updated from, Google. The major update they exposed was that they use the file path and file name to rank your images.

When you are using the correct path it will rank your site. For example, if you are running a brand and you have different products. You want to upload all the products on the website you must use the best structure to upload the items.

Like you upload all the items on the single main folder. It is a bad way to upload your products. You must use the criteria and different folders on your website and upload your record according to the given criteria.

Optimize your page Title and Description:

Different types of page titles are available on your website. Google also revealed that it uses your page title and the description of your page should be according to the search algorithm.

All of your basic SEO tools header tags copy on the image and structure of the data. These main effects will rank your Google images.

Now it is the most important thing that your images will support Mobile SEO. It means that there are many mobile users who use different tools on their mobile. So your website should support mobile SEO. When you follow all the image optimization tips it will rank you high.

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