How Google Sheets Help Us to maintain our business

How Google Sheets Help Us to maintain our business

Google sheets or Microsoft Excel Online is an online spread sheet app that lets you create and format spread sheets and it allow you to work with other people. Spreadsheets helps you to do work online. When you are using a spread sheet you have to take all the sheets. You can connect all the sheets at one place. It is the facility for the users that they can use theses sheets for their work.

Spreadsheets are very important when you are working online and at one place. Because you do not have to go to the other apps you found all your data at one location. You also set the spreadsheets format according to your requirement.

Google Sheets Work Same as Excel Sheets?

Google sheets are slightly look like excel sheets but there is a difference between them. When adding macros Google sheets continue to grow into a viable substitutes to the excel sheets. Unlike excel sheets is free but still those who use spreadsheets for serious data analysis or the visualization.

Excel remain the superior product as compare to the Google Sheets. Excel is a registered app and a lot of users use excel for their different purposes. As excel provide many built in formulas and some function that people can use according to their requirements.

The built in formulas is the best feature of excel as people do not need to write the formulas. They can easily add the formula from the built in function like sum function max min these all functions provided to the Excel sheets. Rather than Google sheets not provide these functions.

Google Sheets Working:

Google sheets you can create and edit spreadsheets directly in your web browser. There is no special software required for creating Google Sheets. Many people can work at the same time with the Google sheets you can also see the changings in the Google sheets as people make in the Google Sheets.

Google Sheets

Google sheets also provide the facility of Auto saved. It means that when anyone change something in the Google sheets. The change automatically saved in the Google sheets. Google sheets used the specific format for writing a file. The following format can be viewed and converted to the sheets format. .XLS format can be used in the Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Data Format:

The data format settings define how we see the information on a particular cell. By default the data format for any cell is set to Automatic. It means that the application reads the data within the cells, and it automatically decides how to show that information to us.

Microsoft Excel Online data formats are specifically decides for the developer of the application. When you are creating a data format or you insert data in the Microsoft Excel Online. The shown data format is automatically selected and you can only insert your required data as you want.

Google spreadsheets data API is an extension of the Google data API control. This API control which you can use to create programs that interact with the Google Spreadsheets. Google spreadsheets are used to interact with the API format that is specifically designed from the format.

When you are working with the API is not free. However once you set up your billing account you have to pay the cost of the account. You can easily use the API scales when you creates the Google sheets with their specified format.

Advanced Features of Microsoft Excel Online:

Microsoft Excel Online are very helpful when you are working at online platform. It provide you the facility to work with the modern tricks. Here are some important Google advanced features that are very important when you are working with the Google spreadsheets.

You can fetch any image from its URL. It means that the URL provided to you give you an image that in inserted under the URL. When you visit the link you will directly go to the image that you want. Spread sheets provide you the editing and formatting facilities. It is the best feature that Microsoft Excel Online provide you.

When you create a file you have to edit the file you can easily edit just at one click. You do not have to create the file again. Machine learning based features also available at the Microsoft Excel Online. You can easily learn the different tricks and done work easily.

Google sheets are very compatible. It means that these sheets are very easy to use. No deep knowledge is required to use Online Microsoft Excel sheets. You can easily use these sheets and also offline editing facility available at the Google sheets. When you are offline you can easily use and edit the Google sheets.

Security is the most important feature of Google sheets. Because these Google sheets work as end to end encryption. These worksheets can be used to the only those users in which you share these sheets. These sheets are very secure and used only the authorize persons. An unauthorized persons cannot use these Google sheets.

Pros and Corns of Microsoft Excel Online:

As Google sheets used from the many organizations and in this time most of the people use it for their working area. Stunning mesh also provide Google sheets for their workers. Stunning mesh give Tips and Tricks and tells all the details of work in it. It has some pros and corns. These are as follows:

It allows users to edit the sheets and we can organize the sheets in the better way. These are used to analyze different types of information. It allows collaborations and multiple users can edit and format files in the real time.

When you are perform revision you can also do any changes made to the spreadsheets very easily.

A big disadvantage is, it is require connectivity. It require constant internet connection at all the time when it is running. Documents cannot be created and viewed without internet connection. When you want to see the sheets as you should stay connected with the internet.  

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