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We are witnessing an age where technology is rapidly changing almost every manly task complexity into simplicity through technological automation assistance. Python libraries for Search Engine Optimization, through their cutting-edge automation facilities, have acquired a position at the core of the SEO industry. But before Stunning Mesh takes a dive into the usefulness of Python libraries in the SEO sea, it’s very important to mention why python emerged as the most sought-after and in-demand language than the other coding languages. Due to being an open-source software and user-friendly easiness of taking larger data from an API, Google Analytics like search console, deep crawl or likewise and pushing that data into a database. Python has also been weighed as the most popular programming language by IEEE Spectrum ranking 2021.

Relationship between Python Libraries and SEO

The surprising fact is that the correlational relationship between Python libraries and SEO can be well understood by the amount of complexity of processes and the amount of time it takes from start to finish. In SEO, Python makes it easier by automating tasks that would otherwise take days, weeks, or months. Hence Python libraries help SEO professionals to walk and chew gum, that is, to extract and scrutinize bulks of data without any vulnerability to errors and automate tedious and repetitive SEO tasks. Further allowing SEO experts to focus on developing strategies coupled with creativity. So, if you are looking to speed up boring repetitive SEO tasks, then the following python libraries are just a spot for you to hit in.


Selenium is a one-stop solution, among the other python libraries, which runs smooth automation of tasks in a pre-defined sequence that employs to open up a browser, auto-fills forms, automatically clicking the required buttons, rendering the web page by sending a request and waiting for its response and vice versa. With the help of the browser’s WebDriver, Selenium is used for automation purposes of web applications.


This library is designed to crawl into a webpage to extract internal data. It’s greatly popular to be used to make HTTP requests that help to decide the status code of a web page that would display the page availability or non-availability.

It’s a python library that makes SEO tasks like web scraping or extracting files from HTML and XML for useful insights much easier.


This library renders a website’s robots.txt into a data frame. Which helps you to examine that certain URLs or folder paths are easily being chased. It also sketches out all the behavioral patterns of the website activities. Such as downloading and parsing XML Sitemap’s analysis which helps in analyzing the frequent content changes happening on a website. Advertorials help you in getting better analytics, SERP, and. Crawling by URL analysis method where you can even determine HTTP structure. 


Scrapy library is multi-tasking in performing your SEO responsibilities without asking for any help from other python libraries. It is super-fast and powerful enough to run many tasks. Simultaneously in the background of the busy schedule of an SEO professional. Scrapy not only extracts data or completes your crawling requests of the specific domain. You want to but also shield the data file gathered. 

Matplotlib And Seaborn in python libraries

These two python libraries are famous for creating different data visualizations. Which helps an SEO professional to track down-trending data through bar charts, line graphs, etc. For instance, Matplotlib aids you to make 2D graphs and plots that support a wide variety of graphs. And plots such as bar charts, line graphs, histograms, heatmaps, etc. for creating several diverse data picturing. Whereas, Seaborn takes you on a more advanced stage of data visualizations like scatterplots, box plots, and violin plots. This is also an excellent SEO strategy for demonstrating data on certain segments of the website.

To cut the story short, Stunning Mesh backs up the SEO industry to explore the potential use of Python libraries. That makes your SEO tools work more effectively and formulate greater opportunities. To complete complicated tasks in rapid succession and cost-effectiveness.

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