Enhance Your Local Business Through SMS Marketing

Enhance Your Local Business Through SMS Marketing

Text message marketing is the best way to gain visibility in front of your potential customers. Small and local business owners need cost-effective marketing means. It is resulting in a revenue maximizer of your local business. If regulated properly, SMS marketing for local businesses can be one of the most powerful channels in mobile-driven societies. It is observed to be reached immediately and is almost read by all the target audience. Thus, making it the most promising and effective communication channel among others.

Why SMS Marketing For Local Business Goes The Extra Mile Than Email Marketing?

SMS stands for short message service. Text message marketing gets in front of people instantly. Whereas with email there are always chances of little or longer delays because people don’t check their email in real-time. They check their email hopping from here and there. It can take a week or later to check their email. So the open rate of marketing email is said to be 20% as compared to marketing through text message. Which is 97% within one to fifteen minutes. Undoubtedly, marketing through text message gives you real-time visibility in front of your loyal customers and followers.

From SMS Messaging to SMS Marketing: Evolution of Business Messaging for Local Businesses

The evolution of business messaging started all with the technological advancements in communication channels. SMS messaging gathered more limelight due to its open rate of 97% plus which means that almost all messages are read by the recipients. SMS marketing has evolved into changing business strategies for the highest reach out in comparison to any other advanced communication channel. It is well said that SMS is like an older wine in a new bottle. To be an old-fashioned style in the age of social media.

Manufacture Miraculous Mushroom Growth Of Your Local Business Through SMS Marketing

Marketing through text messages still plays a vital role in areas where internet availability is not existing. SMS has an extra advantage over all the other means of communication and, that is, SMS can be sent to any kind of handset whether a smartphone or simple dial-pad mobile. Another important fact is that SMS marketing can be done through an automation technique that not only sends SMS to the mass recipient in the shortest time frame but also condenses the chances of errors to a larger degree. Consumer text messaging has evolved to go through a spam filtering system to decrease the chances of fraudulent or harmful intent. So the evolution of text messaging has been revolutionized into a trusted arrangement of communication.

SMS Marketing in mobile phone
Don’t stuck how to use sms marketing to generate huge revenue

SMS Marketing Tips and Tricks to Fuel Your Brand and Grow Your Local Business

Stunning Mesh suggests some easy tips and tricks for developing a successful strategy for marketing through text message:

  1. Determine what type of content you want to send that is highly valuable.
  2. Conversational text messaging is a proactive messaging tactic that follows the customer’s choices, interactive history, or intent data that enables a fair chance to build increased conversions by building a lifetime trust relationship with your loyal customers.
  3. The content that you want to send is certainly a piece of very valuable information. And not something that you would be bombarding all the time. So, it’s essential to send when it’s super important to gain visibility of your customers.
  4. Let’s take an example that you are running baking classes that are scheduled and pre-planned. But on a particularly bad weather day, you need to move or cancel your class. Then this super important information can be sent instantly in real-time to your clients through text messaging.
  5. If you have a business that is news-related or updated related then text messaging is more effective than email.

Some more Tips are:

  1. A good SMS marketing campaign for an eCommerce store can be like an instant coupon where when there are many abandoned carts, one can attract customers by offering to opt into a text message campaign to get an instant coupon for 20% off. This will eventually help your customer or follower through the buying process.
  2. A restaurant can be another good example of SMS marketing for local businesses. Let’s suppose it’s a slow day and instead of just doing nothing, one can send a text message to all the loyal followers of his or her restaurant of lunch deals or early reservation discounts. So, people in your local area will surely prefer trying to visit your restaurant for discounts and best deals because people at lunch hours have to grab some food from somewhere if they didn’t bring it from home. This is a huge way to get business as people who already like your restaurant will love to visit it at discounted rates.
  3. So, every type of business has its purpose. And way to use text message marketing to either better inform your audience or to drive more sales.


Cutting the story short, we here at stunning mesh consider it more hands-on that instead of going door to door with flyers or sending an email that 20% of people might see, you just send a text message. Communicating to the huge SMS marketing campaign list of potential buyers has a fair chance of 97% plus to see in real-time. Only the deal is to follow a healthy SMS marketing ecosystem that well suits your local business.

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