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Marketing is a continually evolving field. Before the last two decades, traditional marketing was dominant. Gradually, people’s preferences towards desktop and mobile devices brought in the era of “Digital Marketing”. With time, internet marketing has become so vast that today it is a giant concept. New categories and marketing trends keep on evolving every day. Some marketing trends dominated the previous year, but their effectiveness faded as year-end approached. At the same time, some fads are believed to bring brilliant results in the coming year. Here they are: 

No Cookie-Based Marketing:

We’re not unaware of the latest introduction of a legal framework that has banned the collection, tracking or processing of personal information of the people living in and outside of the European Union. This restricts companies from taking personal information from users. 

This doesn’t limit benefits-harnessing capabilities from digital marketing campaigns. Besides, it is hugely beneficial to track conversions through first-party data. Also, it helps improve ‘Customer Retention Rates’ as you can learn about the products and services the users are most interested in. 

If you still need data, then the best and legal way would be to gather data through proper methods like – surveys and questionnaires. Not only this, but various tracking tools can help you – ‘Google Analytics.

AI Content Writing Tools:

Nowadays, every business person is looking to cut costs in some way possible, so they find it more convenient to purchase AI software rather than hire manpower. Such a thing is the ‘Content Writing Field’. IT companies’ owners prefer to use AI tools rather than hiring manpower. Though such software can cater to your content needs in terms of ‘Quantity’, when we’re talking about Quality, AI tools are not that advanced. 

Marketing Trends - AI Content Writing Tools
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One such content writing tool is catching the fancy of many business owners – Jasper. It generates email subjects, headlines for ads and social media captions. This tool is giantly effective. 

Search Engine Marketing: 

We all have heard about the most prominent digital marketing trends – SEM and SEO Toronto. Google keeps on updating content-related guidelines to make it harder for big brands to show up on the 1st page of SERP. Google’s updated guidelines prefer high-quality content. The websites that Google finds to have high-quality content stay consistent with rankings.

Apart from SEO and SMM, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) has become a predominant trend in the last decade. It has taken complete control over the eCommerce world. Many e-Commerce businesses have been scaled up, all thanks to PPC

Mobile Friendly:

Nowadays, people are rarely using desktops to carry out search-related queries. Everybody has smartphones and uses them to answer questions through search engines. Having an appropriate presence on mobile devices helps digital marketing campaigns succeed. 

Nano Influencers:

No sooner than the popularity of YouTube started growing, more and more nano followers were coming to origin. Nano or micro-influencers are those people who are not celebrities, but they are showcasing their talents in a way that people like more than celebs. People are mad over such influencers. So, promoting products or services through nano influencers is best to acquire maximum reach. 

E-A-T Focused Marketing:

Customers are becoming highly knowledgeable –they know what they want. Businesses are focusing more on the customer experience. Customer experience majorly depends on Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. The E-A-T principle is judged through the following parameters: 

  • The quality of content. 
  • The expertise or specialization of the author who has written the content. 
  • The credibility of a website

Marketing Trends in Metaverse:

VR and AR dominate every marketing activity of this era. These technologies are used to provide interactive experiences to consumers. Since the metaverse is becoming giantly common, all businesses are harnessing its potential to promote their products and services.

Promotion Through Short Videos:

We live in an era where people prefer not to read lengthy texts to get information about a particular thing. They consider focusing on graphics and videos. Graphics are a valuable form of conveying information, but they limit your information-passing capabilities. A video supports a good amount of content and brings it in the best possible way. 


You’ll find much of your targeted audience in the video sharing platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. By sharing great videos, you can gain potential customers. 

Ethical Marketing Campaigns:

Let’s flashback to the past ten years when unethical marketing tactics used to work. But Google has banned such tactics. Now is the era of ‘Ethical Marketing’. Now, it’s all about making Google believe that you are trustworthy. You can’t manipulate or play smart with Google, or it’ll take no time to ban or strongly penalize you.

Tik-Tok Marketing:

Immediately after the rising popularity of TikTok, it became a popular medium for business owners. Since everybody, from children to oldies, are on TikTok, it is convenient to run marketing campaigns on this platform. The interactive features of this app help to create dynamic content for businesses. 

Generate Graphics Automatically With AI:

As mentioned before, many users prefer not to read text. They want to grasp information either through graphics or video content. Hiring graphic designers may pinch your pockets. But, many AI tools can help you in creating interactive graphics through text. 

LSI Keywords:

Gone are the days when there used to be one primary keyword that needed to be embedded the desired number of times. The whole ‘Keyword Scenario’ is changing. Now, Google prefers content that has LSI versions of keywords. It offers excellent value to readers. Such keywords can be found with the help of SEMrush, ahrefs; Google autocompletes, and people also ask about the sections. 

Final Comments!

The trends mentioned above are something which Google loves. Also, it prefers to rank websites based on these fads. It won’t be wrong if we consider these trends as ranking factors. 

The websites following these trends enjoy a particular space in Google’s Search Results. Neither core updates nor newly introduced algorithms could touch the rankings of such websites.  They are safe as long as they are doing what Google loves and prefers.

We’ll present more such trends, that are likely to dominate the digital marketing world in 2023, in our upcoming blogs.

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